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Sartorial luxe meets Swedish simplicity – Once a day Stockholm Made-to-measure menswear

For some reason, I have quite a few serendipitous moment with Swedish culture lately, firstly, a delight to get to know a Swedish niche fragrance blogger who likes my fragrance and featured it in his IG page, then, getting to know about a Swedish Made-to-measure menswear label doing a trunk show (and mini catwalk show) in town, of course, motivated by my enthusiasm about Swedish menswear, I would like to see what is this about. To me, my impression about Swedish classic menswear (or style) in particular, is pretty much about simple, clean-line, also very structured and stiff with long torso pieces in thinker fabrics, while getting to know about Once a day Stockholm, an innovative Made-to-measure menswear label, founded by Mrs. Karin Lundholm about a couple of years ago, which takes the Swedish made-to-measure menswear in a new dimension, it completely changes my perception about Swedish classic menswear from now on.

Homage to the minimalistic style of the Swedish classicism, Once a day Stockholm steps beyond the conventional tailoring by sourcing only premium manufacturers of each product expertise in the world, to create a comprehensive yet simple tailoring collection for modern gentlemen from refined clothing to accessories. For starter, the focal point is their tailoring, which the label only uses the finest fabric, the superfine 110s to 130s from Italy, simple (looking) yet rigorous workmanship of the jacket and pants, including the lining-less jacket with hand-stitched piping, opened button holes for sleeves and lapel, the signature natural roll lapel (without any iron marks) and the super soft natural shoulder finishing, which demonstrates the luxurious and high standard details and effort of a piece of refined menswear, yet, with a great quality for value.

In addition, the made-to-measure shirt collection is also noteworthy, the label only use the luxurious fabric from Thomas Mason, which produced in Bergamo, Italy, to create their premium shirts, the soft hand-feel of the luxurious Egyptian cotton, in the sleek twill and broadcloth, along with the precious details including the mother-of-pearl buttons and collar-stays, which echoes the seamlessly smart and luxurious made-to-measure pieces, brings out the modern Swedish classic of a gentlemen, and, the liberating spirit and understated dapper style of oneself.

Apart from the tailoring pieces, Once a day Stockholm also offers a range of beautifully made accessories collection, from necktie to pocket squares, in timeless color and design. Just in case you are also craving for some Swedish style to refresh your wardrobe now, perhaps it’s a good start.

Image courtesy of Once a day Stockholm.

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