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High speed bubblies - Champagne Carbon x Bugatti special edition

Entering the week for the Monaco Grand Prix championship I inherently think of the post-race celebration... Seeing the champion stepping on the stage, being congratulated by the big crowd with cheerful handclaps and flying ribbons followed by the exciting moment when the winner held the giant Jeroboam Champagne bottle, and splashes the crowd. This tradition made me think of the relationship between champagne and race cars or automobile. Perhaps, it’s because of the heroic joy and celebration that brought these two things together. In order to make it even more meaningful, the esteemed champagne house - Champagne Carbon - brings luxury lifestyle elements into their beautiful champagne. How? By making their cuvées unique and innovative pieces of work disrupting the Champagne industry.

Champagne Carbon is an exquisite combination of French savoir-faire and innovation as well as the audacity to think outside the box. Renowned champagne house, Carbon became three years ago the official champagne of Formula One. Originated from the village of Champillon located in the Champagne region, Champagne Carbon respects the traditional champagne-making methods, a know-how passed down over four generations.

Rigorous and precise, the house only uses the premium quality Premier Cru Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs, and, Pinot Noir from the Marne Valley. Then thanks to their in-house expertise they produce the finest, aromatic balanced champagne in order to reflect the house’ heritage. To remain loyal to the perilous balance of tradition and innovation, Carbon brought in their journey the delicate engineering details of the outer bottle. The signature carbon fibre surface - which takes up to a day to finish – is the house innovative take on merging the art of handwork and science. It’s through this high-tech and modern flair signature that Champagne Carbon stand apart from the others.

To me, the most eye-catching cuvée undoubtedly is the luxurious Bugatti special edition. Crafted as a celebration of the luxury automobile brand’s 110th anniversary, this special edition is literally a perfect representation of speed and style. Refreshing floral aromas in the glass, smooth and round taste in the mouth, this vintage 2002 is full-bodied yet exceptionally refined. Born from a 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir blend, this cuvée displays solid structure and fruity flavors. Moreover, the deep cobalt-blue carbon fiber bottle which homage the handsomely built Bugatti Veyron 16.4 sports car known to combine high-tech and speed, exudes the ultimate luxury-style and modern masculinity.

Meanwhile, the Vintage 2005 Blanc de Blancs is also noteworthy, using 100% Chardonnay, this champagne is truly appealing through its light-golden hue in the glass and fresh compotes fruits aromas. Once again, full-bodied and round in the mouth, this cuvée surprised me with such smoothness and gracious texture. The aftertaste is clear and long with a little bit of minerality which is, perhaps, the reason why it makes this champagne so memorable.

Even without being present in the Grand Prix championship, one can always experience the speed and the beauty of champagne making all in one glass, anytime and anywhere.

Image courtesy of Champagne Carbon.

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