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French grandeur revisit - 'Versailles. Dreams of architecture 1660 - 1815' exhibition, Châte

Dear readers, how many of you have watched the movie called ‘A Little Chaos’ starred by Kate Winslet, Matthias Schoenaerts (and some other remarkable actors)? It’s a drama back in 15th century France, a love story about the esteemed Principal Gardener and Landscape Architect of King Louis XIV, André Le Nôtre (played by Matthias), and a Landscape Gardener, Madame Sabine De Barra (played by Kate); of course this movie is only a fiction, however, what made me bringing this up, is not only when I digged out the DVD of this movie during my recent house-cleaning, but also it reminds me of my visit to this former splendid royal residence of the Sun King, the Versailles, about 2 years ago. For those who are interested with French Monarchy history, they will like to pay a visit to this former royal residence at least once, to marvel and appreciate the spectacular architecture and splendor of this French palace, also, having an understanding about the way of living of the Sun King, and, his standard and precision about beautiful things around him.

European architecture and interior design has been one of the category that I am interested about, no matter it’s the modern one and the ancient one, which for those who has followed my blog here in MMD can tell; and recently, given a coincident that I just came across the exhibition organized by Palace of Versailles, titled 'Versailles. Dreams of architecture 1660 - 1815', I simply cannot resist to share this with all my readers here about this exhibition.

As part of the first Architecture and Landscape Biennial, organized by the Ile-de-France Region at Versailles’ Upper Stone Gallery, this exhibition presents an unique collection of architectural projects that were developed for the Palace and its gardens between the 17th and 19th centuries, from the reign of Louis XIV to Louis-Philippe’s transformation of the palace into a museum in 1837, hundreds of valuable items and ancient architectural plans, project drawings from the past, either on loan from France and overseas, are all gathered in this venue once again, letting visitor to revisit the magnificence and grandeur of the work and effort by these esteemed master architects and legends, giving the visitor a more in-depth understanding about the details, artistry, and precision about each project, letting one to travel back in time, to see these work in the architect’s eyes, at the same time, to truly appreciating its enduring uniqueness.

While you can find some of the snapshots here, the exhibition has already started up til 3rd Aug 2019, in case you are in Paris already and craving for some historic inspiration about interior design, apart from spending a day in Carré Rive Gauche, now you know where to go.

Image courtesy of Château de Versailles, France.

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