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Poetic harmony – Parfum Satori, Tokyo

Dated back in my high school year in Canada, before wrapping up the semester for the first half of a year, I learnt something about poetry writing from my English class, and there’s a poetry form which I didn’t expect to learn from a western world, is the Japanese ‘Haiku’; as some of you might know, ‘Haiku’ is a poetry style originated from ancient Japan, which consists 17 syllables, in 3 sentences consists 5 for the first and last sentence, and, 7 for the middle. While being ‘westernized’ the structure still maintain however instead of syllables, they become a word, so meaning each line should contain no more than about 5 words, and tell the story in 3 sentences.

I always remember my Canadian English teacher, Mrs. Taylor, who she is very kind, gracious and sometimes witty when correcting her student to improve their work, she once teases me about how much I need to improve my writing skill, in terms of Haiku, since I was an Asian! Well, as a fifteen-year-old boy and a foreign student in Canada back then, I don’t mind to be a ‘teacher’s pet’ to listen to her as her knowledge is so profound, along with her love and patience towards her students is remarkable; fast forward to present days that doing blog writing now myself, I never forget about her for some reason, and the image is still pretty vivid, maybe, it’s due to my reunion with a Japanese friend of mine who we haven’t been in touch for almost few years, or, when I just stumbled across the luxury and artisanal Japanese fragrance – Parfum Satori, which reminds me of the beauty and profoundness of Japanese heritage and creation.

Founded by Japanese independent perfumer, Ms. Satori Osawa, who studied Fragrance design and perfumery while managing her own business back in 1988, the actual salon which under the name ‘Parfum Satori’ was opened in Tokyo since 2000. As a member of ‘'La Société Française de la Parfumerie’, her fragrance creation has been renowned even abroad outside Japan, to France and USA. Staying true to her root as a Japanese, Satori-san express her aesthetic by using some quintessential Japanese elements, from the mother nature and the Zen-inspired state-of-mind, and transform these ideas into each bottle of exquisite and precious refined fragrance, which could only be found very discreetly in the heart of Tokyo in Roppongi.

Entering the summer in the middle of year, my pick from the beautiful collection from Parfum Satori, is the refreshing and enigmatic ‘Oribe’; a green and woody fragrance that is gentle, and, quintessentially Japanese Zen. Why? First spray that comes to my skin is the airy and fresh bitter green leave scent, and then the calming green tea (to be precise, it literally is called ‘Matcha’ – a finely-milled Japanese green tea) starts to echoes with the citrus accord, then dries down to some gentle but firm floral notes from Jasmine, Violet and Sandalwood. To me, it smells more like white Narcissus and Chypre which exudes the understated elegance and cleanliness, sharp but not overwhelming, at the same time, it also reminds me of the quiet moment in a Japanese home, sitting in a knee-bending position, patiently watching a Japanese green tea making ritual performed by a very sophisticated and quiet lady, waiting her to prepare a cup of fragrant and refreshing green tea, then gently and politely passing it to my hands, surrounded with the greenery smell of the leaves and wood outside the opened screen courtyard, the calmness, soothing, and patience has been fully interpreted through the scent of this sophisticated ‘Oribe’, it quietly whispers ‘something refined and beautiful is always worth waiting for’.

Meanwhile, the mystique ‘Musk Blue’ is also interesting, especially, one of a mens’ fragrance that uses plenty of floral notes, an airy opening from Lavender is very obvious to provide a soothing effect, along with the zesty Mandarin, the dreamy haze starts to clear out to open up the light-weighted floral from Iris, Violet, then dries down to the Cherry Blossom, Pine, Musk and Amber. I find this fragrance exceptionally unique for men, given the greater portion of the floral notes that dominates the accord but in a very masculine way, and very appropriate. This fragrance reminds me of dressing very effortless and sophisticately, walking down the carnival street in Japan during the ‘Coming of Age’ Day, with other Japanese ladies walking pass by you in an impeccably dressed Kimono in shades from pastel pink, light blue to pale green, the shining silver embroidery in the traditional Japanese myth with clouds and birds pattern, echoes the colorful and sweet smelling Japanese confectionery and rice cakes along the stallers, perhaps it’s a melancholy moment for some men who didn’t have a date to go along in this festival, but it’s surely therapeutic when wearing this fragrance to accentuate the Japanese poetic feel, also awaken your mindfulness from the inside, and start notice the beauty and delicate things around you.

Before wrapping this blog up, I just came across a beautiful Haiku which I’d love to share with all my dear readers here, maybe, it’s even more poetic when reading this with the fragrance above; have an inspiring summer day.

“Summer midnight” – by Sazaria Q.

Warm midnight falling. Stars shining, dancing brightly. Peaceful all at once.

Image courtesy of Parfum Satori, Tokyo

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