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Be a stylish globetrotter – ‘The Sartorial Travel Guide’ by Simon Crompton

Back in around seven years ago, I made myself a promise, is that I will offer myself a very special birthday present each year (even without anyone will offer me anything, or not), and this birthday present is, to give myself a very special trip, tailored and planned by myself, to a city where I want to be in during my birthday. In the past few years of this birthday promise, it’s all about Europe, in particular, Paris mostly (but also one time in Copenhagen which I never forget as I have made myself to visit the postcard-looking Nyhavn, at least once in my life), my wish is always about something stylish, sumptuous, dreamy, related to art of living, and something magical just for myself that I will never do in my mundane daily life (sometimes it does feel like ‘Sex in the City’ Season 6 when Carrie Bradshaw looked out from the hotel balcony towards the Eiffel Tower, but in a modern gent’s version of course). Everything has to be picture-perfect and impeccable, from my attire to the places I went, the fragrance that I put on, the object that I touched, and of course, the meal that I had. I remembered one of my American friend once told me, that he would like to have my shopping advice (or guide) when he visited Paris next time, well, thanks for the compliment, but one thing for sure, I am not exactly Mr. Know-it-all, all those dream-like travel experience, literally derived from my studies from couple of books before starting my trip (apparently, those experiences have been recorded from my multiple blog posts in the past) and some detailed planning, so it’s not just happen upon my arrival, as the matter of fact, it’s quite a lot of work actually. But now, to be a stylish traveler can be a bit easier, while I strive to find a book that summarize all places stylish in one simple and handy copy (not the ‘macho backpack trip’ kind of guide nor all-in-one, dictionary-thick Lonely Planet guide, don’t get me wrong, it’s practical), but something more refined and stylish, I guess I can simply count on the latest book by menswear expert and writer, Mr. Simon Crompton (needless to introduce), his new book titled ‘The Sartorial Travel Guide’; despite I cannot afford to travel anywhere this year during my birthday, this book has been a great birthday present for myself than anything when I read through the pages, just like I was travelling to those places too.

With the luxurious and appealing navy color hardcover, and a hint of gold for the title, this new book by the menswear writer and style icon is literally a delightful read, not only it covers some of the major fashion cities in the world, it also gathered some updated and easy-reading information about unique, stylish, and upscale boutiques, which caters for style-savvy gentlemen in each city, one can find all the authentic artisan creations, from tailoring to shoes, from accessories to fragrance, which specially picked by Simon that even the writer himself will visit whenever he traveled to those cities, and I am intrigue to learn some of the rare artisan boutiques which is absolutely refreshing than just the big brands we already know down the grand shopping boulevards.

Apart from the selective boutiques, the style expert also offers his insight about how to pack when travelling in style for gentlemen, what to pack in different clothing categories, and his pointers about how to dress when travelling, these are pretty much something summarized the profound experience of Simon’s, in particular, his way of travel in style as a menswear expert, connoisseur and style icon, without too much headache but achieve something that one’s see from a style star from their IG post even without a group of entourage, a guide that one can simply do it by oneself, in such a handy edition, I guess that’s probably the reason why I didn’t even think twice before grabbing a copy and straight up to the cashier in the bookstore.

So, what exactly has Simon recommended? Uhm…, good question; for this I’ll leave you, my dear reader, to discover more when you got a copy at your hands, enjoy your read!

‘The Sartorial Travel Guide’ by Simon Crompton, published by Thames & Hudson.

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