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New kind of Parisian classic – Gabriel Paris

Dated back in months ago, I got a copy of Paris menswear shopping guide, written by one of the legendary French-model-comes-designer, and inside that book, there’s a page which appeals me a lot, that’s because, one of my favorite French interior designer, Mr. Vincent Darré, was being featured there! And having this talented and tasteful designer to share his dressing tips and favorite shops in this French fashion capital. From there, I came across one of his favorite menswear boutique – Gabriel Paris, which is what I would like to unveil this little chic and quintessential Parisian menswear treasure to you all today.

Founded by Mr. Cyril Arvengas, a passionate Frenchman over antiques, and of course, classic menswear, who founded this humble and understated boutique back in 2005, the name reminiscent to all the stylish and timelessly elegant French legends who named ‘Gabriel’, from Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel to the elegance of the broken voice of Alain Bashung in his song ‘Gaby’. Upon entered this welcoming boutique, one can instantly feel the homey and welcoming atmosphere, a bauhaus-like interior which literally expresses the modernism, and taste of the Frenchman’s boudoir, yet, there is something so emotional about this boutique, especially each details inside from the furniture, the carpet, even the tea set that served, perhaps it’s the nostalgic aura against the warm illumination, or the sensibility of the Founder that tie-in to his former work and passion over the beauty of antique and objet d’Art.

Gabriel Paris is like a little understated treasure box of refined menswear, quintessential contemporary Parisian menswear actually, the boutique carried a range of ready-to-wear and accessories from multiple refined menswear brands, but the essence of the boutique, to me, is their distinctive Made-to-measure collection, with workshops situates in Naples and Milan where it produces the best menswear of the world, Gabriel Paris offers an exquisite suiting collection, with the silhouette is quintessentially modern Parisian, slender and easy shoulder (sometimes with a patched pocket) for the jacket, lean and smart cutting for the trousers; for this Fall Winter, Mohair fabric has been the top pick by the Founder himself, yet, a fine beige houndstooth jacket (wool and cashmere) and off-white woolen gabardine pants are also highly recommended.

In the world of Gabriel Paris, the word ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’ is no longer cliché in the menswear dictionary, especially when one experienced it in person.

P.S. for Made-to-measure appointment, it will be highly recommended to book in advance.

Image courtesy of Gabriel Paris.

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