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Bible of fragrance – “Perfume Legends II” year 2019 edition by Michael Edwards, Fragrance Expert, Au

One of the most prominent fragrance expo, Pitti Fragranze, is just completed about weeks ago in Florence, but that doesn’t mean our passion of discovering new and sophisticated fragrance simply end there, while our desire keeps our eyes looking for the next it-fragrance for the new season, I am also keen on looking at it in another perspective, for example, from a comprehensive guidebook that is written by a fragrance expert, it might be even more intriguing than just sniffing a couple of perfume blotters at one’s hand. That is nothing more exciting and thrilled to learn about the latest perfume guide – ‘Perfume Legends II’ year 2019 Edition, written by the esteemed fragrance expert, Mr. Michael Edwards, who is also the Founder of the namesake international fragrance library ‘Fragrances of the World’, one of the most resourceful online library about qualitative fragrances created worldwide by top perfumers, fragrance designers and founders.

I came across Michael’s work and his resourceful fragrance database right after my very own fragrance launched back in late last year, and having his wonderful team to appreciate and include my fragrance into their database, which I was truly thankful and flattered towards their warm gesture over my French perfumer and my work.

Now, for this new updated edition, it is like a shining bible of fragrance in the ‘fragrance world of Vatican’, not only it featured more than thousands of fragrances, this new fragrance guide is utterly professional with clear classification from different fragrance accords, which derives from the fragrance expert’s legendary ‘Fragrance Wheel’, that enables readers to go straight into the respective topics and discover more new fragrances there. Beautiful images and fascinating story about some of the world legendary fragrances, including No. 5 Chanel by Ernest Beaux, Fracas by Robert Piguet and even Féminité du bois by Serge Lutens who lives in our time currently, it is simply mesmerizing to revisit some of these remarkable fragrance work, and understanding about each perfumer from the making of their legacy and inspiration behind.

To me, passion about fragrance comes from within, and certainly takes time to cultivate such sensitivity and taste then integrate such elements into one’s style and life in certain extent, regardless the title indicates ‘French Feminine Fragrance’, it can be relatively liberating and refreshing read when it comes to inspiring a gentleman’s selection of fragrance against the outfit of his day, imagine which fragrance you’ll pick when you smelled the gentle leather scent from your autumn leave brown suede boots, or your chocolate brown suede bomber jacket, with your off-white cable cashmere chunky sweater and a pair of biscuit-khaki corduroy trousers; or a black tie evening with your polished and well-tailored midnight blue tuxedo suit and the crispy white bib front tuxedo shirt, and accessorized with a black satin bowtie, an elegant boutonniere and a glossy patent leather slippers for a formal occasion, to me, this book seemed to offer much inspiration, it’s appealing and intriguing, to ignite your sensitivity and style on fragrance selection with your outfit of the day.

We may adore a menswear and lifestyle shopping guide written by top style experts, at the same time, a beautifully and professional written fragrance guidebook will just as indulging and amusing to read, especially when one resting at home, flipping the pages in front of a warm fireplace, sipping a glass of chardonnay with a splash of fine fragrance to sit back and relax.

Image courtesy of Fragrances of the World, Australia

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