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When Argentinian love story happens in Italy – ALTAIA fragrances, Rome

During a weekend morning when I was reorganizing my CD & DVD cabinet, getting rid of some old CDs and the ones that I have no longer listen and play, in a midst of the sorting process, one of my favorite CD album suddenly dropped in front of my knees, it’s the soundtrack of ‘Evita’, starred by Madonna back in 1996. I still remember how crazy I was about this beautiful movie, my obsession with the presentation of Madonna on portraying the late first lady of Argentina, with her impeccable style, dress and demeanor, which made the younger-me so fascinating to watch the movie at least a dozen times, then bought the book and the soundtrack, even listening to the songs repetitively back then! I remember, there are 2 of my favorite songs in the movie, which are “Another suitcase in another hall” (the song was played in the scene about the young Eva was being abandoned, helpless and betrayal when she found out her lover was married, and she has to find a way to survive in the unfamiliar city where she just arrived), and the other one, is “Don’t cry for me Argentina” (which is the legendary song that Eva finally got through all the struggle and tough times, and found the love of her life eventually like a fairytale story ending, and became the First Lady. The moment that she sings that song by the balcony to encourage the people to support her husband and celebrates the glory of the nation). Perhaps it’s the emotional melody of the song, or the magnificent performance by Madonna herself, either way, it starts to stir me up something about Argentina.

While I have not been to Argentina in my life, with this old movie album and recalling the beauty and elegance scenario of the movie, it suddenly makes me think of the luxury fragrance – ALTAIA.

Founded by Ms. Marian Sersale and Mr. Sebastián Alvarez Murena, which both of their families has profound association with Argentina heritage, while one is the great-great-granddaughter of Mr. James Morrison, a notable English entrepreneur and developed multiple grand projects during the industrial age in Argentina; another one is the great-great-grandson of General Bartolomé Mitre, a statesman and man of letters, also, the first President of Argentina in 1862. Both Marian and Sebastián lives in Italy, and they fell in love and got married, then in 2012, both founders discovered the extraordinary events and stories about the link of their family and legacy, which inspires them to create a new luxury perfume collection called “ALTAIA”, meaning “A Long Time Ago In Argentina”.

Not only the story of ALTAIA is tremendously moving, but it is also a celebration of both Marian and Sebastián’s love for the art of perfumery, and the power of storytelling through scent, that takes all fragrance lovers and connoisseurs to experience their love story and the root of their Argentina heritage through an extraordinary olfactory elements, travelling time from the past to present. Everything is well thought and sophisticatedly executed, one can simply tell the understated luxury even from its packaging, a modern, elegant and minimalistic design, which speaks in a gentle language on encouraging each wearer to discover each ALTAIA fragrance in a personal way, and interpret themselves wholeheartedly along with this beautiful fragrance.

The latest one, ‘Wonder of You’, is the sophisticated epitome about love and intimacy, which started by the tender and passionate feel of love through the fruity accord like Blackcurrant and Pink Grapefruit, then it evolves to something dreamy and filled with fantasy with the soft floral note from Freesia, and the soothing sweetness from Watermelon, of course, a great love requires both passion and warmth, which the gentle accords from Ambrox and Musk simply do the job to interpret that, giving the everlasting and intimacy a more solid validation through a substantial fragrant.

While it’s way too late to hold back on getting rid my ‘Evita’ soundtrack in order to preserve the moving story about Argentina, maybe, it’s even a better way to recapture it again by a spray of ‘Wonder of You’ while listening to ‘Another suitcase in another hall’, to bring the majestic Argentinian beauty of the past to present days.

Image courtesy of ALTAIA / Eau d’Italie s.r.l.

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