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Sophisticated capture (through lens) - “A Wandering Eye – Travels with my phone” by Miguel Flores-Vi

Without any doubt, snapping photos with our cellphone has become one of our habit nowadays, adding countless of advanced apps available out there, almost anyone can become a self-made photographer. For sure, practice makes perfect, a beautiful photo might requires dozens of trials and practice, no matter it’s a styling shoot of your beloved polished suit, or a tranquil still-life shoot of the expresso that you are having with your novel, it’s all about mastering one’s technique, and more importantly, a sophisticated taste of capturing the object in certain angle, in the right moment, with a desirable illumination in the surrounding. One of the great example, should be the photography work by Mr. Miguel Flores-Vianna, one of the most sought after contemporary interiors and lifestyle photographer, while I recently learnt about the launch of his new book, titled ‘A Wandering Eye – Travels with my phone’ published by Vendome Publishing, it is more than thrill for me to dive into the work of this renowned photographer.

With an elegant cover of the book, ‘A Wandering Eye’ is a collection of photographs that taken by Miguel, with his smartphone, to capture the eternal beauty of civilization and the natural world through his travel across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Amercias. As a photographer, writer and editor for more than twenty years, the photography work by Miguel has been regularly featured in Architectural Digest and Cabana. With the photographer’s precision, tasteful perspective and skilled techniques, each photo takes the reader to a sophisticated and harmonious state of mind, and see the beauty around the world through Miguel’s eyes and exotic odyssey.

From architecture to interior vignettes, objet d’Art to patinas, it’s about the symmetry of capturing the beautiful things, from ordinary to extraordinary, from splendid to sublime. Flipping through the pages of this beautiful book, it doesn’t barely provide a visual pleasure, but an understated harmony and tranquility that takes one out of the chaotic and stressful reality, giving one a moment to fantasize, a moment of day-dreaming of your next vacation spot, with something sophisticated, cultured and romantic.

After a little preview from here, are you tempted to get a copy too?

Image courtesy of Vendome Press USA

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