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Sumptuous Oriental flair in Brazil - Jorge Elias’ new interior design project

Dear readers, not sure if it’s just me or the scent of the fallen leaves, the autumn of this year feels rather poetic, also, a bit ‘heavy’, what I mean ‘heavy’ here, is the density of autumn mood, from the color of the new menswear collection with lots of camel, khaki and even burgundy, then, the warm and intense expresso fragrant from the café on the sidewalk, and, a classic, dark wood interior that filled with rare and valuable antique furniture, objet d’Art and fresh, luxurious floral arrangement in the main salon. I cannot agree more that a beautifully decorated house is a perfect refuge for our body and soul, as well as a way of reflecting one’s personal style, and coming across the latest interior project by renowned Brazilian architect and interior decorator, Mr. Jorge Elias, with evokes me the vibrancy and elegance about autumn (and not just about fallen leaves and safari pastime in the countryside).

Reputed as an Antique dealer, the Owner of his home furnishings boutique as well as an Interior decorator, Jorge possessed a sharp and sophisticated taste in his interior design project, graduated in Rome in art history and started his early career in both Rome and São Paulo, Brazil, Jorge has participated in countless of significant architectural projects in the past, from grand Palazzo for Brazilian government to the French and the Argentinian Embassies, with his artistic and passion about art history, Jorge also has other artistic projects on his sleeves, from curator and set designer for theatre and exhibitions, which showcases his artistic talent in multiple facets apart from merely the architectural side, and this time, we are looking into one of his latest residential project in Brazil.

This grand 800-square-meter private mansion located in São Paulo, Brazil, which Jorge interprets his admiration about the opulence of Oriental culture, mixed with the contemporary Neoclassical style, and, his passion and intelligently use of antique pieces. The creative idea is entirely by Jorge himself, as well as working alongside with his client (which in fact is a close friend of the designer himself), Jorge spent much of the effort turning this grand mansion into not merely a cozy livable heaven, but also an artistic space with a hit of “cabinets de curiosités” feel.

One of the most noteworthy part is the dining room, which the Chinese panels are literally from the collection of the late fashion grande dame - Coco Chanel, during a trip in New York from an antique store there; while for the rest of the pieces, from the art collection to rare antique pieces, are all acquired from different exclusive antique shops from around the world, adding the thoughtful planning and mix and match in each salon and each corner of the mansion, this sumptuous project literally takes three years to complete! No wonder why the result is so unspeakably sumptuous and luxurious. Among all completed salons of the mansion, Jorge just adored the dining room the most as well as the gallery and the library. For my dear readers, do share your thoughts about which part of this mansion is your favorite?

Image courtesy of Jorge Elias

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