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Cozy luxury - Men’s cashmere scarves by The Travelwrap Company, UK

Dear readers, among all the menswear accessories in my wardrobe, one of my favorite item, especially for winter time, is a soft and light-weight scarf, either it’s pure cashmere, silk-blended cashmere or pashmina, a comfortable cashmere scarf is a must-have wherever I go from day to night. Perhaps, it’s due to the ‘style addiction’ which I got from my retail career years when I was working with a reputed luxury cashmere brand, surrounded by all the exquisite and soft cashmere sweaters and scarves everyday which I did enjoy the comfortable indulgence, made by the luxurious, rare and comfortable cashmere fabrics, it truly warms up one’s heart by simply touching this soft, thermal and exquisite material, feeling the tenderness and coziness that brought by both the precious cashmere fabric and the refined workmanship. Even if it’s not winter, since then I always brought along my beloved cashmere scarf when I traveled, having something to wrap around my neck simply makes me sleeps better on the plane, and at some point, it also served as my extra ‘blanket’. While I am always happy to look for some good quality cashmere scarves from time to time, it just happened that I came across the new men’s cashmere scarves by The Travelwrap Company, which it thrills me even more to explore their new men’s collection.

Founded by entrepreneur Niamh Barker, based in UK who is passionate about cashmere, the cashmere wrap created by The Travelwrap Company has gained its popularity since the brand’s establishment in 2007, with elite and Royal family customers from Duchess of Cambridge, Jo Malone to Charlotte Tilbury and Kate Moss, as well as gaining multiple awards that makes The Travelwrap Company a household name. For this Fall season, the label decided to step into the menswear world, to share this luxury comfort and coziness to all refined men’s accessories connoisseurs in this Fall winter.

With the cashmere sourced from Inner Mongolia, the craft itself is done in Scotland by Johnstons of Elgin, which produces some of the finest cashmere in the world, with the rigorous workmanship, and, the precision and high standards of Niamh, the new men’s scarves collection inherits the concept from the house, to offer the highest quality cashmere that is versatile and luxurious, also served as a travelwrap like the ladies’ collection. The men’s version has adapted to the physique of the modern day gentlemen, with its extra long design, adding some flair to suit either classic business attire, or casual weekends; easy-matching palette and pattern, from French navy to cobalt blue, from heather grey in Herringbone pattern to something more festive such as Bordeaux red, these luxurious cashmere scarves are simply effortlessly chic and timeless.

As the gift giving season is started, why not offer one of these exquisite scarves to your loved ones and personalize them with embroidered initials? The Travelwrap Company also offers a special monogramming service as well as sophisticated gift-wrapping service, which caters for the style-conscious shoppers, to offer the special someone a more intimate, a deeper personal touch to your gift; for details, do have a look in their website. (or click here).

While Marilyn Monroe sang ‘Diamond is the girl’s best friend’, to me, a luxurious and qualitative cashmere scarf is possibly be one of the best travel companion of today’s stylish gent; have a cozy flight!

Image courtesy of The Travelwrap Company, UK

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