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Luxury craft and art - Pinel et Pinel, Paris

Dear readers, when it gets closer to December, I always like to do a couple of ‘Christmas shopping’ posts, even with the recent incident in my city that the shopping mood is not particularly high, but, that doesn’t mean we should not celebrate Christmas, given it’s a once-a-year thing. In between my writing, and doing a little shopping for some Christmas décor, a friend of mine dropped me a note one day, and told me about his new job working for a French luxury trunk maker brand, and accordingly, he invited me to the brand’s showroom for a quick tour to see the work, so, this is how I impressed by the superb craftsmanship by Pinel et Pinel Paris.

In fact I came across this brand when passing by their boutique back in months ago, which I was impressed with their newness and understated luxury; founded by Mr. Fred Pinel, a Frenchman who is an enthusiast about arts and crafts, also, full of passion and creativity; With his sensitivity in leather and color, the first creation he did was a leather bag that is made of refined leather and camouflage canvas back in the late 90s; fueled by pop art and thinking outside the box, his work eventually caught the eyes of upscale retailer and even cigar smokers from around the world, especially, his signature unique color leather to create some delicate leather goods pieces from lighters, card holders to humidors, not to mention, one of the core signature creation of Pinel et Pinel Paris, is their exquisite trunk, which is entirely made in France and homage to the traditional French know-how. For this Christmas shopping special, there are two items which I believe it’s relatively worth-noting, either it’s for your special someone or yourself.

For starter, the stylish TWIN watch winder will possibly pleases you, with its irresistibly chic outer design which resembling a luxury sports watch and the bezel with index indication, this exquisite piece of accessory is made to maintain the function of your beloved automatic watch, programmed for a cycle of 1600 rotations per day, 800 rotations in each direction, also, mixed with the intelligent use of technology, this case can be controlled by Bluetooth with the app installed in any smartphone.

Looking for something bigger? No problem, the Bombay leather bag will definitely caught your eyes, especially if you are a jetsetter! Made with the finest calf leather, with a slightly grained texture, this bag truly stands out with its signature ultra big zipper pull and zipper, the lightweight and comfortable handle which makes this leather bag a user-friendly item for travelling; an understated surprise reveals when opening to the inside, a colorful calf leather lining which creates a contrast with the outer dark color, making it something unique and luxurious apart from any other leather bags which mostly use nylon lining, in another words, the luxurious material used are literally inside-out, with a bit of a twist and eccentricity, yet, homage to the tradition French craftsmanship of leather trunk and bag making.

Either you are a jetsetter or not, one can always find something appealing from Pinel et Pinel Paris, especially, if one like to appreciate art and exquisite craftsmanship at the same time.

Image courtesy of Pinel et Pinel Paris.

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