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The modern elegance of writing – Thibierge Paris

Dear readers, since we mentioned about gift-giving from my last blog, I guess we are about to welcome another prominent festive day in the upcoming week, which is, the Thanksgiving day. I know it’s more a traditional thing for American households, yet, we can always find a way to express our gratitude to those we love and meaningful to our lives, not simply spending a warm and heart-felt evening over a big family dinner by the fireplace, but for those who are stuck at work from abroad, a hand-written letter or card can just as warm and heart-felted. Personally, I still like hand-writing, especially, in some very special occasion for a special someone, it’s much personal, intimate, and I always believe that the one on the receiving end will also feel the same way too, which much better than simply a Whatsapp or Facebook message (don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the convenience that brought along by the advancement of technology, and, the traditional hand-written just means much more.), of course, with a good hand-writing, and, some qualitative writing instrument and paper, it will even make the message much stylish and memorable, coming across the fine paper and notebook label, Thibierge Paris, it seems like a perfect timing to start our Thanksgiving writing in a stylish and intimate way.

Staying true to the essence of French savoir-faire, and homage to the art of hand writing, all Thibierge Paris fine papers and luxury notebooks are designed in Paris and entirely made in France; modern French sophistication and high quality have been the key elements that can be found in each Thibierge Paris’ design, from the luxurious textured or watermarked fine papers, to the finishing of their signature ‘Le Carnet Thibierge’ note book, every details count.

For the ‘Le Carnet’ notebook collection, the sleek and simple design will possibly appeals to those who appreciates clean-line French sophistication, each book uses the finest quality and light-weighted papers, made in 100% linen fibres which are highly sustainable material that was grown in Normandy; the luxurious notebook case is made in sleek black leather and fine polished materials, with its in-house signature magnetic binding, that allows to customize the notebook content by choosing different refills. Another noteworthy function for the ‘Le Carnet’ notebook, is their intelligence of using modern technology, along with the app from iPhone, which helps you to scan notes, filing by page number as well as sharing the writing content in social media page. No wonder why the label was adored by numerous of luxury and world prestigious brands to collaborate with them in the past.

Writing a warm-hearted Thanksgiving note (or card) might be your upcoming ‘project’, at the same time, writing to yourself is also meaningful and therapeutic at some point, to celebrate yourself, the effort and hard work you have put into throughout the year; with a refined and elegant writing instrument and stationery, it just simply makes your story much memorable, and stylish that keeps it close to your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving day in advance.

Image courtesy of Thibierge Paris.

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