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French historic elegance unfolds - Sotheby’s Paris ‘La Collection Ribes’ Exhibition & Auction, P

After attending the Sotheby’s Autumn 2019 auction few weeks ago, I suddenly have a thought of re-watching one of my favorite movie - ‘W.E.’, directed by Madonna, which is about the enthusiasm young woman, Wally, who obsessed with the legendary fairytale love story of the late Duchess and Duke of Windsor. Just like Wally, I was obsessed with this movie (and the soundtrack too) because the story began to unfold by Wally’s obsession over the esteemed couple, through the Duke & Duchess’ auction exhibition held in Sotheby’s New York, with each rare and valuable items exhibited, it enables Wally to embed herself into the ups-&-downs of this couple’s journey, what they have gone through, and eventually came together. Perhaps that’s the reason why I cannot resist the charm of an auction exhibition, as we can literally connect to the story of the owner through the object that exhibited, to experience their way of living, see the beauty in their eyes, and learn about their exquisite taste through the one-of-the-kind items they acquired and collected throughout their life; therefore, by learning about the upcoming auction exhibition by Sotheby’s Paris named ‘La Collection Ribes’, it just excites me even more!

As a resonance with timeless sense of style, and the essence of French chic and elegance , ‘La Collection Ribes’ is the auction exhibition for those who loves French historic collectible and beaux arts; as the collection of the Count and Countess de Ribes, all items are tracing three centuries of French history and the essence of Parisian sophistication. The name ‘de Ribes’ is renowned not simply by their French noble status, but also their refined taste, an aristocratic family which both the Count and Countess has been known for their passion in art and history, while the late Count is a devoted collector and an avid bibliophile, the Countess is an internationally renowned style icon with multiple talents on her sleeves – Muse, fashion designer, theatre and film producer, business woman and Honorary Chairman of the Musée d’Orsay.

The Collection, which comes from the family’s ancestral Hotel Particulier in Paris, covers three centuries of French History, with comprising paintings and drawings from the 17th to the 19th century, sculpture, furniture and works of arts, the Ribes collection is distinguished by its exceptional quality, remarkable state of preservation and the provenance of many of its pieces (including Queen Marie-Antoinette). The auction will be separated into three parts, the first two auctions will be dedicated to the most important pieces and the Counts de Ribes’ phenomenal library; while for the last and final auction, will be the content of the Hotel Particulier by spring 2020.

Just before these valuable items being sold, one can always experience this spectacular collection during the pre-auction exhibition in Sotheby’s Paris from 7th to 11th December 2019 (inclusive). Perhaps, you may find yourself a precious Christmas gift for yourself there!

P.S. part of the proceeds will benefit charitable and cultural organizations.

Image courtesy of Sotheby’s Paris; copyright: Sotheby's / ArtDigital Studio.

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