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Festive elegance - Rachel Bates x Champagne Laurent-Perrier crystal glassware set

One thing that I have to admit, is that my color preference is relatively conservative at some point, and a vivid red color is not usually my top pick in any form of object, from menswear to decoration, but for some reason, in particular at the end of this year, I have a 180-degree changes about red, and I started to be seduced by it, no matter it’s the alluring Bordeaux red, to the deep cherry red from my crewneck cashmere sweater, red is simply a color of vibrancy, festivity and uplifting. Perhaps due to my recent work (both day job and my side project) that I have constantly involved around with the glittering Christmas red (and gold) decorations in the lifestyle photo-shooting projects, so literally, all I have in mind, especially in the past few weeks, is somehow an alluring Bordeaux red accessories and festivity scene.

Speaking of red and Christmas, not sure if you all, my dear readers, have already started decorating your home (or already did), I have to point out that one of my favorite, is the art of festive entertaining, with sophisticated style, joy, love and some festive glitter (it certainly includes some warm Christmas lights and the fragrant of the green pine needle), which reminds me of the tasteful entertaining collection by the reputed British interior designer, Ms. Rachel Bates, and her crossover crystal glassware collection with prestigious French Champagne house, Laurent-Perrier, each piece is simply irresistibly charming and luxurious, adding the most beautiful final touch to your Christmas entertaining elements at your home.

The champagne collection set, consists of selection of handmade lead-free crystal glassware, such as the artistic and stunning rose red (and clear) champagne flute, with the peacock and blossom pattern, which is made with the finest workmanship, hand engraved and blown, elevates the exclusiveness and preciousness of this unique collaboration. Peacock has a synonymous meaning as the absolute beauty, majestic glamour, and vanity, which the pattern was used very intelligently into each crystal glassware, adding the extra chic and luxuriousness. The same pattern and color also have been used for a luxury Magnum Cooler that reflects the festivity and ultimate indulgence of luxury lifestyle, together with the precious Laurent-Perrier NV rosé champagne, doesn’t it please your beloved guests and friends whether as a Christmas gift, or, simply for your personal use in your stylishly and sumptuously arranged dinner gathering?

I sincerely wish you all, my dear readers, a joyous and harmonious Christmas holiday and New Year holiday with your beloved family and friends, cheers.

Image courtesy of Rachel Bates Interiors, Cheshire UK

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