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Viva bright colors - Berluti Summer 2020 menswear collection

Dear readers, Fall season is about to mark its ending (even it’s still rather chilly outside now), but for us, as a style-conscious group of gents, we still like to dressing up wherever and whenever it is. Feeling bored by your charcoal grey cashmere sweaters and flannel pants? Or the navy flannel tailored suit that you just had your tailor made a couple months ago? Either way, in a nutshell, we need some colors for the new season, and, looking luxuriously chic at the same time. By having a quick glimpse over Berluti’s Summer 2020 new menswear collection, it just feels undeniably refreshing and energized.

Staying true to the aesthetic of the maison, the latest summer collection recaptures some signature feature, and integrated into its luxurious menswear pieces, along with bright colors from fluo orange and terracotta, cobalt blue and navy, violet and royal purple, adding the understated and thoughtful details like the beautiful marble pattern, the patina stain motif, and the maison’s heritage ‘scritto’ motif which appears in the ready-to-wear pieces (the jacquards of suits and shirts in particular), in the form of shadow writing on pin-striped tailoring, as well as a print on sportswear, bags and the fine details from linings to zips.

While for the silhouette, the collection maintains its modernity and classic values of the maison, expresses the contemporary masculinity with diversity, independency and adventurous appeal through the fluid tailoring, take a closer look with the trousers and shoulders, which triggers a sense of freedom and seductiveness; on a sportier side, the collection also brings in some contemporary elements, such as the motorcross trousers converted into a harmonizing jacket and multi-colour leather boot, and, introducing of the Bermuda shorts, which makes the collection much diversified and elevated.

For the house’s legendary leather goods and shoes, some of the noteworthy items from the ‘Un Jour Gulliver’ bag is revived in patina with painted orange edges, to the debut of the three-buckle mon shoes as well as the patina stain bag charms, these are just a few highlights of the season that compliments the eye-catching ready-to-wear collection impeccably, making your wardrobe of this new season a much energetic and fashionable one, with more vivid colors and luxurious details.

Image courtesy of Berluti Hong Kong / Karla Otto Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Berluti Hong Kong / Karla Otto Hong Kong

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