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A journey of artisanship - Hatton Jewellery Institute, Hong Kong

Dear readers, perhaps, some of you might wonder how come I’ve been away for quite some time, and only doing this new post by now? Frankly, as much as I did my best to commit to this blog work of mine, the economic turmoil and the Coronavirus pandemic manic that causes such a profound impact towards my city, for those who was affected, no matter resulting business closure, or, trying hard to do job search after went through the redundancy caused by the budget cuts and plummeting economy, we simply do our very best to keep our life afloat until the storm passes, with our own hands, and that is exactly what was happening to me in the past weeks, as a result of not writing anything (also looking after another side project of mine). Despite going through such a despairing period, yet, we can always do something remarkable, meaningful and beautiful, with our own hands, and it’s not just about doing job search through the laptop, or checking in with your friends and family if they are alright from your Whatsapp message during this difficult times, I am talking about creating something with your own hands, in a form of art, that homages to the traditional know-how and craftsmanship, and this time in particular, we are turning our focus into fine jewellery making.

I came across Hatton Jewellery Institute by coincident, a one of the kind fine jewelry making school which founded and based in Hong Kong, in a tranquil side of the Western Island side. In a way it does reminds me of one of the reputed French jewelry school, however, the concept of Hatton Jewellery Institute gives something more approachable, and focuses more craft itself, which involves much on the handwork, the specific techniques, and the man-hours that spent to learn how a fine piece of jewellery being made, and the secret of the craftsmanship, paving the way to become a fine jewelry creator.

As a gentlemen who appreciates bespoke craftsmanship, like men’s tailoring, leather shoes and bags, fine jewelry making also makes no difference that requires the same kind of dedication, training, and mastering of the specific technique, in order to create a piece of exceptionally refined and exquisite piece of jewellery, no matter it’s a ring, a brooch, or a necklace pendant and so on, it literally boils down to the artistry, handwork, and attention to details of the craftsman himself (or herself), the courses from Hatton Jewellery Institute offers a variety of courses from entry level to expert, caters different students or anyone who are passionate about jewelry making, to enjoy and learn in their cozy and approachable atelier studio, under the direction and guidance by experienced tutor who graduated in reputed design school in the UK.

Whether starting from gem setting or wax carving, or more in-depth semi-private course that giving a comprehensive guidance of each steps of fine jewellery making from step zero to ten, one can always find something value-added in the curriculum by Hatton Jewellery Institute, after all, it can possibly be a rewarding journey to experience how to become an artisan jeweller looks like, and the work that puts behind a piece of fine jewellery, that made by your own hands.

Image courtesy of Hatton Jewellery Institute, Hong Kong

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