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British sartorial classic & eccentricity - Dobrik and Lawton, London

Waking up in the morning recently, the weather is still a bit chilly for some reason, consider it’s almost time that we are entering the summer, some of my winter clothes for sure needed to swap with the lighter one (but I still wear my cashmere sweater underneath my fine wool navy blazer even now). And it also brings up another question, is that I haven’t been writing about menswear for quite some time, not because I don’t want to, but I simply want to find something unique, intriguing, fresh to talk about, while the situation is getting a bit difficult due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the contacts from overseas are closing at the moment because of the city lockdown, yet, with some luck, I eventually find something that intrigues me.

When I was having my little coffee break over a weekend, I came across a relatively interesting (and somehow a bit eccentric too) and innovative British bespoke tailoring house, Dobrik and Lawton, which founded by two young and incredibly talented tailoring artisans, Ms. Kimberley Lawton & Mr. Joshua Dobrik, while one studied bespoke tailoring at London College of Fashion and got her BA degree, the other was trained under the British master cutter, Edward Sexton, for several years; destiny brought both Kimberley and Joshua together when they were working in the renowned Savile Row bespoke house, Huntsman, before founding their own bespoke tailoring house.

Structured and impeccable, classic yet a bit eccentric, the house style of Dobrik & Lawton is unique and intriguing that can barely be describe with only few words, homage to the traditional British sartorial character such as the structured square padded shoulder, long torso with a slimmed waist, the handwork is impeccable and one can see the result with the strong and bold sculpted silhouette, alongside with the luxurious fabrics with patterns from either thin window pane checks or thin pinstripes, it simply makes someone looks elegant and elevated, and, with a touch of eccentricity. Another noteworthy thing about the tailoring clothing by Dobrik & Lawton, is their thoughtful and chic details, including their signature Diamond pocket, which reminiscent to the geometry lines back in the Art Deco period, this feature enables the wearer to hold their cigars (and lipstick for ladies, yes, they also made bespoke suits for gentlewomen too!), another one is the luxurious linings, which the house developed this with a mill in Italy, using the best quality of Bemberg and woven in satin weave on jacquard looms, with the house’s monogram subtly dotted the lining, showing their attention to detail, and as a fashionable touch.

A standard process of a beautiful suit that made by Dobrik & Lawton, usually started with a consultation on both the style and fabric, then a set of 17 measurements will be taken place before getting down to the real work - from cloth cutting and assembling into a structured clothing before the fitting, which takes about few weeks.

When it comes to this summer, Dobrik & Lawton offers a range of options for a style-conscious gents (and ladies too) besides their luxurious bespoke suiting, that includes flounce shorts, flowing ocre two-piece lounge wear, and kimono neck line wrap tops. How could one resist this stylish eccentricity after all the pandemic trauma from the past few weeks, reignites our sense-of-style, and love about the beauty of British tailoring, in a more innovative and modern way.

Image courtesy of Dobrik and Lawton, London

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