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Asymmetric luxury - Sanlorenzo SL106A yacht

Dear readers, sailing season might be over, but surprisingly, almost all the great yacht shows are still happening especially towards the end of the year! I don’t know if it’s just the global warming effect that prolongs the sailing season, or it’s about time for the Santa to consider changing his present delivering vehicle from the sleigh to a more comfortable and luxurious yacht, anyway, my point is that, as it comes to my surprise, there are so many luxury yacht shows before the Christmas holiday! And I was thrilled to be able to see all these well-built and luxurious yachts throughout multiple yacht shows recently, especially those which combines both functionality and style together, offering comfortable and safe sailing experience, at the same time, heighten the enjoyment with the exceptional and tasteful elements inside the yacht, such as the sumptuous interior design and furnishings, the innovative and thoughtful cabin and compartments, and the spaciousness which allows both the owner and guests to either joining a crowd for some fun, or having some privacy during the offshore journey. When I first saw the luxurious Sanlorenzo SL106A during the Gold Coast Motor Festival Yacht Show back in weeks ago, I was instantly intrigued by its sleek and tasteful design – inside out!

This 105-feet luxury yacht maintains the distinctive characteristics of the asymmetrical version which presented on board of its fellow sister models, one of the great thing about this yacht is the spaciousness and versatility, with its tasteful and intelligently designed interior, it feels like the entire main deck is welcoming you warmly upon opening the dark tinted glass sliding doors; another unique feature is the folding terrace with the lounge on one side, which offers a panoramic sea view like overlooking the view by your terrace at home; while on the other side, a spacious dining area with a full-height window as well as the comfortable, tastefully furnished living room area, it all built on the same level without any steps or uneven heights, which maximizes the functionality of the space.

There are 2 separate staircases inside this luxury yacht, with all their guest and master bedrooms equipped with their individual bathroom, the separate staircases offered privacy in between the yacht owner and his/her guests, to ensure the yachting experience to be more enjoyable and hassle-free; the interior of all the bedrooms are modern, spacious and cozy, with the down-tempo ambient created by the soft wood and dark tinted glass, it literally feels like being inside of a luxurious contemporary hotel suite.

Of course, when it comes to yachting, a spacious fly bridge is almost as necessary as the inside of the yacht, the fly bridge of SL106A is fully customized with the size of about 60 sqm, it connects to the foredeck which gives one a flexibility to equip their beloved sailing furniture according to their needs and occasions, this spacious fly bridge is one of the great spot for a day-time barbecue lunch with family, or even an outdoor sunbathing over a glass of delightful cocktail and light snacks.

Finally, the cruise speed of Sanlorenzo SL106A luxury yacht is 24 kn with its maximum speed at 28 kn, capacity of around 10 guests and 5 crew members.

For those who are looking for a luxury toy as your Christmas present, maybe this one should be in your bucket list!

Image courstesy of Simpson Marine Hong Kong / Sanlorenzo Asia


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