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Authentic beauty - Le Domaine skincare

Dear readers, no matter it’s your well-tailored bespoke suit or extra fine Egyptian cotton shirt, our refined menswear is our second skin, while we strived to look after our beloved suits and clothing as much as possible, to show our care over the piece of beloved garment that made by the tailor or artisan that you cherish so much, given their refined workmanship and effort, but how many of you also pay such kind of attention and care to your very own skin too? In the world of gentlemen’s grooming, looking after your skin is just as important as looking after your bespoke clothing and even the ensemble that you put together, without a proper care our facial skin, our overall look will look like a puzzle missing a piece. Out of thousands of skincare product choices out there nowadays, to nail down to the one that is suitable for you, especially for fine gents, could be a bit of a headache, but don’t worry, I recently have an eye for a very interesting luxury skincare line from France, which not only it’s the quality and philosophy that intrigues me, but it’s also a hint of the glitz factor that a Hollywood celebrity who worked behind this brand too, which adds an extra glamour and beauty.

When I first came across Le Domaine skincare, I was instantly attracted by their unique and thoughtfully designed bottle, and then I started to learn that it was the milestone of the two passionate parties behind: a reputed French winemaker – Mr. Marc Perrin, the CEO of the Perrin family estate, which is well known for producing their most iconic and alluring Miraval Rosé wine, and, the Hollywood actor, Mr. Brad Pitt, who is also the proprietor of Château Miraval, the two gentlemen takes advantage of the natural resources that they have from the vineyard, and use them to produce an one-of-the-kind luxury and qualitative skincare product that is authentic, pure, getting life back to the nature as well as living well, this is how Le Domaine skincare was born.

Of course, with such a grand vision, it takes time and effort to bring this to life, working along with skincare expertise and professor, Le Domaine skincare is a marriage of science and terroir, rooted in a chemical-free vision of science, the ingredients are come directly from the Beaucastel vineyards (where the grape used to produce the Miraval wine): the grape pomace in GSM10®, which extracted from the seeds and skin of Beaucastel grapes using gentle, eco-friendly methods; While with the presence of another key element, the natural components of ProGR3®, all Le Domaine skincare product are chosen for their effectiveness, complementary nature, or traditional usage.

As a foundation of a regular skincare routine, applying serum is usually the first step after cleansing our face, Le Domaine skincare’s ‘The Serum’ contains an ultra-high concentration of GSM10® (50% more than in the cream) and ProGR3®, bursting with moisturizing and soothing grape water, this is Le Domaine’s ‘flagship’ product. Its formula is enriched with plant stem cells from two varieties of grapevine flowers, chosen for their perfecting action on the complexion, as well as hyaluronic acids to moisturize and reduces wrinkles. A silky formula is quickly absorbed and has an intense plumping effect, ‘The Serum’ is fragrance-free for use with any other skin-care product.

On the other hand, their ‘The Cream’ also combined with a high concentration of GSM10® and ProGR3® with the soothing, moisturizing properties of grape water; the formula is further enhanced with organic olive oil, shea butter, and Andrographis paniculata, an ayurvedic plant known for its revitalizing properties. The exquisitely rich, whipped cream texture leaves skin soft and supple, intensely moisturized, and makes the skin comfortable instantly, giving a smoother, firmer, plumper skin that makes your face a perfectly rested look with a radiant glow.

Qualitative ingredients of course is crucial when it comes to skincare product, but the outer beauty of the packaging is equally important for a brand to express their aesthetic too! All Le Domaine skincare’s bottles and jars are made of light-weighted and superb quality glass that contained recycled glass, which they are designed to be refillable; the stoppers are made of oak cut from the scraps of Famille Perrin wine barrels, which aligns to the brand’s philosophy on using resources from the nature and protecting our eco-system, with a strong commitment to transparency and traceability.

Besides looking after your second skin, now you probably have something luxurious, natural and eco-friendly to pamper your very own skin.

Image courtesy of Le Domaine skincare / Vitabella, France


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