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Bespoke fragrance on-demand – The Alchemist Atelier, Paris

Dear readers, I recently attended a French luxury perfume session, while I was thrilled to sniff some of the maison’s fragrance that recalls my Paris visit years ago; a guest that sat right across me was asking a question, he said if it’s possible to do a ‘customized’ fragrance for him? It might sound disappointing as the fragrance house only offers their house-made collection, but it’s intriguing for me to re-think about the existence of ‘customized’ fragrance. As a matter of fact, I did blog about a bespoke fragrance house in Hong Kong but I keep thinking of other possibilities, such as being able to find one in France. Especially when perfume making was one of the most valuable know-hows in France, the good news is, it does exist! When I first came across the Paris-based bespoke fragrance boutique – The Alchemist Atelier, I was impressed by the modern and innovative way of creating your very own fragrance, marrying new technology and traditional know-how of perfume-making, which enables people to create their favorite fragrance with only a few fingertips away.

Perhaps you might think that one can only create their own fragrance after attending ISIPCA or the Parisian school École Supérieure du Parfum, at The Alchemist Atelier, they make this creative process easier and more accessible to people who have a very particular preference and style about their fragrance; the key to create an unique bespoke fragrance that suits your need, is an app, the Scent Creator, and the guidance of their certified perfumers; For starters, one can simply select the bases and accords through the special app developed by The Alchemist Atelier, with the guidance of the perfumer, the ratio of the different scents can be adjusted through the app depending on your personal taste and preference, once the selection is finalized, a visual pic with the combination of the selected scents will be created through the app, which you can instantly visualize and picture your customized fragrance.

Now it comes the interesting part; thanks to a very intuitive app and the advanced technology, the Scent Creator, the fragrance creating machine which developed by global appliance manufacturer BSH, with the support of the perfumer in-house, your 'formula' will then be transmitted to the Scent Creator, and finally, your bespoke fragrance will be blended in less than 5 minutes! All fragrance essences are in superb quality.

If you are proud of your own creation and want to share it with your friends, you can even re-order it in a 20ml format! Through The Alchemist Atelier app, your very own created fragrance ‘formula’ will be kept in the system, which enables one to retrieve their fragrance and re-order it whenever you want.

Apart from making your own bespoke suit and shoes for the new Fall season, creating your own bespoke fragrance seems like a great idea to match with your new wardrobe, don’t you think? "

Image courtesy of The Alchemist Atelier, Paris


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