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Botanical beauty from Uruguay – Gabriela Hearst x Fueguia 1833 perfume

Dear readers, in our constant search for unique beauty and sophistication for both style and scent, one of the best way is follow your favorite fashion designer’s perfume, as their perfume usually aligns to their aesthetic and personal taste, which enables one to experience their unique, shapeless artistry and sensuality through a couple of splashes of their sumptuous perfume; perhaps this explains why I constantly look for new designer perfume, and recently I was intrigued by the new niche fragrance launched by Uruguay-born fashion designer, Ms. Gabriela Hearst, in collaboration with Argentinian niche fragrance house Fueguia 1833.

Known for her high quality, refined craftsmanship and using innovative materials, Gabriela’s luxury ready-to-wear and accessories has been a sought-after by fashionistas, elites and Hollywood celebrities; her newly launched perfume, which satisfies the craving not just fashionable women, but also those style-savvy men who are yearning to experience the high-end sophistication and eclectic chic of Gabriela’s aesthetic, and the unique olfactory research and beauty by the Argentinian niche perfume house. The sleek and simple rectangular shape bottle, which aligns to Fueguia 1833’s perfume series, whispers its understated elegance and timeless beauty of what is inside the bottle. These new fragrances, one named ‘Paysandú’ and the other named ‘New York’, were developed based on the research of two Nobel prizes for their discoveries in scent as a code and a subtle form of communication through volatile molecules, perfume house Founder and perfumer, Mr. Julian Bedel, developed the idea of musk as a language, and using its distinctive character to create these fragrances, with an exclusive formula of Fueguia’s musk of plant origin, that makes it smell uniquely from person to person.

With a limited quantities produced in the first batch of this new fragrance edition, the ingredients that composed ‘Paysandú’ were produced by the perfume house in Fueguia Botany in Manantiales, Uruguay, in particular for both Marcela (a semi-annual herbaceous plant which native from South America) and Carqueja (another native plant in South America as well which uses as herb) were the unique ingredients which has never been use in perfumery before, they both offer a unique scent through the scientific extraction from the high-end facilities. ‘Paysandú’ opens with herbal notes and lemon, then the light-hearted floral notes included Lady of the Night, Jasmine, and a hint of leathery scent starts to develop, it then dries down in a complex woody notes with a mix of herbal notes, as well as Resin, Copaiba balm and Palo Santo, which pays homage to the botanical reality of Uruguayan ingredients, and the place where both the fashion designer and the perfumer were raised.

The formulation behind the fragrance ‘New York’, on the other hand, uses the typical North American woods to offers its complexity, making it smokier, heavier and aged version of the spirit of the rural and herbal ‘Paysandú’. ‘New York’ opens with Balsam Fir, Nutmeg and Black Pepper, then the mix of middle notes from Tobacco, Rose and Cherry Blossom starts to develop, the fragrance dries down with a combination of aromatic woody notes which included Virginian Cedar, and some velvety feel from Vanilla, Tonka and Musk, which it ideal for the Fall season’s atmosphere thanks to the fragrance’s intoxicating warmth and intensity.

Even without travelling all the way to Uruguay, one can simply experience the botanical and Southern American chic through this unique and sumptuous scent, now all you need to do, is to make room for this bottle of new fragrance for this Fall season.

Image courtesy of Gabriela Hearst New York / PR Consulting New York.


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