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Casual elegance – ‘Belvedere’ collection by Carl Suchy & Söhne, Vienna

Dear readers, for those of you who have visited Vienna before, you probably won’t miss out one of their magnificent historic landmark – Schloss Belvedere, not only where you can find the famous painting ‘Der Kuss’ by the late symbolic Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt, as well as many other masterpieces, the magnificent palace and the grand Baroque garden complex is decorated with tiered fountains and Baroque sculptures, it’s the place for people to marvel the Viennese grandeur and beauty, also to experience the bygone imperial flair of the Habsburg dynasty. If you have never been to Vienna nor the Belvedere yet, no worries, now you can experience this Viennese historic landmark simply on your wrist! As the luxury Viennese timepiece maker, Carl Suchy & Söhne, has recently launched their brand-new collection name after this magnificent palace, combining both the imperial grandeur and elegance, at the same time, with a twist of contemporary chic and casualness, which makes it one of the great accessories for your daily life.

The new ‘Belvedere’ collection combined both the functionality and playfulness, it also plays as a link of drawing the Viennese glory of the past, and look ahead to the future. Designed by Mr. Milos Ristin and master watchmaker Mr. Marc Jenni, who were both involved in the brand’s classic Waltz N°1 timepiece, the appearance of ‘Belvedere’ is expressed by two contrasting aspects of Viennese aesthetics, rationalism, and emotion, with a first glance that reveals a unique timepiece that is sleek and logical on the outside. The ‘Belvedere’ collection consisted of three different colors: ‘Day’, ‘Night’ and ‘Danube’, the sleek, rounded stainless-steel case subtly animated by the interplay of polished and satin-finished surfaces; while for the movement, it runs on the CSS201 caliber, which is built upon a Dubois Dépraz and delivers 42-hours of power reserve. The exhibition case back of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal reveals a decorated automatic movement with a rotor featuring the micro-engraved facade of Belvedere palace.

Giving a contemporary touch, this timepiece offers a little so-called ‘Suchy twist’ to its detail, and that is the unique date display which it changes position each day. The high-quality rubber strap has an elegant textured inner surface for maximum wearing comfort even while the wearer is engaged in sports, making this luxury timepiece not only a piece of art, but also suitable for practical daily life with much versatility.

The ‘Belvedere’ collection is limited in only 100 pieces for its first edition this year, each piece has an identical serial number engraved, and it comes in a luxurious and high quality velvet box, which is handmade in Vienna, as well as accompanying with a genuine leather travel case.

While revisiting Vienna might not be my immediate plan, but having a little piece of luxury timepiece to recapture the majestic moment and Viennese elegance is always a good way to start, at the very least, it will keep the magnificent palace closer to my heart when each minute passes.

Image courtesy of Carl Suchy & Söhne / DC Agencies


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