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Christmas calling – “Sancta Nox: Christmas Matins from Bavaria”

Dear readers, when it comes to Christmas, the images I have in my head are the vivid red tartan outfit or the Fairisle cashmere sweater, the shining Christmas décor and tree that right next to the fireplace with presents scattered at the base of the tree, and the scent of the pine needle and hot mulled wine which becomes a ‘standard’ Christmas scene, but as a perfectionist like me, I like to elevate the mood of Christmas to the fullest, in another words, a wonderful Christmas music playlist will do the best of the final touch if this festivity scene! I recently did put together a music playlist for my own fragrance and having it released lately, and when it comes to my playlist, I have a very particular criteria that those songs should not be too Christmas-cliché yet having a bit of classicism, harmonious and modern ideally but it has to have certain Christmas spark and warmth; when I was doing my research for this year’s Christmas playlist back in a couple of weeks ago, I came across with something that is literally mesmerizing, and that is the new album of “Sancta Nox: Christmas Matins from Bavaria” by Seminarians of Saint Peter Wigratzbad.

My first impression of this album is the gentle masculinity that can be so moving and soothing with a deep festivity feel and serenity, performed by a young handsome group of the Seminarians of Saint Peter Wigratzbad, and recorded in the historic St. Magnus Abbey of Bad Schussenried that built in the 12th century, the songs are literally a peaceful and sacred calling from the Bavaria region in Germany (which is exactly what I am looking for to match with the theme of my latest fragrance work with some Bavarian flair), and accordingly, I have made my 2 songs as my top-pick from this album, and let’s see how you like them.

The first one is “Responsory VI: Sancta Et Immaculáta Virgínitas”, the gentle voice from the young Seminarians is literally moving and heavenly beautiful, I like this track from the album because it just caught my attention with the harmonious rhythm, and the purity yearning from these young boys which feels like such kind of boyhood is so precious, and hardly find in our modern day world anymore but somehow it did exist.

my second pick is “Responsory IV: O Magnum Mystérium”; this song seduces me (at least) to keep listening perhaps because of the ‘mysterious’ elements that embedded in this song but it doesn’t drive the serenity away at all, on contrary, the melody is undeniably soothing like wrapping oneself with a super soft cashmere throw by your love one, with a warm and tendering hug through the ethereal rhythm, hopeful and bright.

No matter what kind of Christmas music playlist that you eventually come up for this festive season, I sincerely wish you all a harmonious, joyous and peaceful Christmas holiday in advance!

“Sancta Nox: Christmas Matins from Bavaria” by Seminarians of Saint Peter Wigratzbad, produced by Christopher Alder, Christian Weigl with De Montfort Music.


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