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Christmas in French noble style – ‘Un Merveilleux Noël’ at Château de Chantilly

Christmas is one of the most magical and joyous festivity of the year, especially for this year after the hassle from the pandemic that limited ones to go out and celebrate in the past months, it’s time to bring back some cheerful festive mood and make it merrier! As the result, I started my Christmas decorating much earlier this year, to fill up my home in the festive and joyful mood sooner! Speaking of Christmas decorating, having a bit of French style in Christmas decorating will definitely give a bit of elegant touch, to me, as the best reference, nothing is better than the spectacular decoration in a grand French mansion or castle! Especially, at one of my favorite French castle, Château de Chantilly, their Christmas decorating work is one of the most beautiful among all the castle in France! For this year, their new Christmas program named ‘Un Merveilleux Noël’, which held from now until 2nd January 2022, enables visitors to marvel the grandeur of the French castle, and its history in the magical festive atmosphere.

During the ‘Un Merveilleux Noël’ program, visitors can experience the quintessential style of Chantilly, the French noble family – the Duke of Aumale, in their authentic way on how to celebrate Christmas; apart from the splendid Christmas trees which erected at the entrance of the chateau with sparkling festive ornaments, the castle’s famous iron wrought staircase is decorated with the green Christmas garland and shining decorations, which makes the festive mood even theatrical and magical.

My favorite part of the program, none other than the splendid table setting display in the Duke’s style, which offers an exceptional experience to take a closer look with the impeccable festive dinner setting in the grand dining room of the castle, homage to the tradition from the past to celebrate this significant festive of the year, with the exquisite table top, cutlery and glassware, then completes the setting with the festive decoration and lighting. I always fantasize about how did the grand festive dinner look like in Chantilly style, and this program just fulfill exactly what I am craving for, or even for those who share the same kind of interest as myself that obsessed with the grandeur and detail about the French noble table setting and style, having an inspiration for your own table setting during the festive season.

Besides the splendid Christmas table setting, the ‘Un Merveilleux Noël’ also offers numerous festive programs throughout this December, including Christmas choirs, the presence of Santa Claus, Christmas market, even private tour inside the castle to experience the Christmas with some history and style of Duke of Aumale, they are all available through online booking; for more details, please click here.

Christmas of this year can be much magical than you think, especially when spending time in such a majestic castle with plenty of festive splendor in a chilly winter, enjoy.

Image courtesy of Château de Chantilly / Agnes Renoult Communication

Photo credit to Christophe Taniere


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