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Cinematic fantasy – ‘Ken Fulk: The Movie In My Mind’ by Ken Fulk

Dear readers, did anyone of you watch the new movie ‘Elvis’ which released recently? If you did, then I am glad to know if you like that movie or not; the truth is I didn’t watch it, given the recent loosening of the social distancing due to the pandemic, the cinema of my city finally opened their doors for movie patrons, and the showing period of new movies somehow becomes shorter as most of the cinemas tried to make up the shortfall from their closing period; long story short, with the tough choices I’ve made, I decided to watch ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ instead of watching Baz Luhrmann’s work (sorry Baz!). I like the theatrical splendor of Baz Luhrmann’s movie work, the glittering and flamboyant scenes, the fabulous costume, make-up and the character selected (of course the actors are doing their great job too) and the whimsical screenplay, being a multi-talented director and artist is literally essential for one to create such a fabulous and magnificent work-of-art, and it's pretty rare to find someone that possess such quality, talent, taste and willingness to make such effort to do their work, especially in the fast-pace and rather instant-gratification-oriented digital era like now, but I do have an eye with one of my favorite American interior designer, who possess the similar kind of multi-talented qualities, that recently published a deluxe and magnificent coffee book which instantly caught my eyes, and today, I’d like to introduce this fabulous new book: ‘Ken Fulk: The Movie In My Mind’ to you all.

Published by Assouline, with foreword written by contributing writer and investigative reporter, Mr. Ronan Farrow, ‘Ken Fulk: The Movie In My Mind’ is a deluxe new book which gathered some of the most extravagant and stunning projects that done by the fabulous, style-savvy and tasteful American interior designer, Mr. Ken Fulk. In the world of interior design, I possibly believe the name ‘Ken Fulk’ is a no-stranger, being named to Architectural Digest’s AD100 and Elle Décor’s A-List, the interior design work by Ken has been sought after by countless prestigious hospitality brands, private residence of elite and the famous, member clubs and even private jet and yacht owners. With his signature style of layered interiors, cinematic and sensitivity to the detail from history and the art world, also his ability to grasp the diversity of style from different clients, his work for each project is uniquely chic, and adored by a broad clientele spanned across Mexico to Miami, and from Provence to Provincetown.

Remember that I did mention about ‘theatrical’ and ‘multi-talent’ at the beginning of this blog? I have to say that these 2 words are suitable when it comes to describe this interior designer’s work and even himself, the reason is, the gentleman is much more than just an interior designer, to me, he absolutely has multiple talent and identities – interior designer, taste-maker, impresario and entrepreneur, and, he has great taste too! one can simply tell by his dapper and polished menswear attire and ensemble, which literally derived from his sensibility and knowledge over style, art and history from within; some of his interior work is pretty maximalistic with a mix of different elements from different art period, either the furniture or the objet d’Art, this artistic and audacious combination which makes his work looks theatrical and intriguing. In this new book, which is his first book with Assouline, serves as a sublime retrospect of the designer’s work, offering a visual pleasure like watching a beautiful movie by taking readers to revisit some of the remarkable interior projects by Ken, even behind the scenes of some of the designer’s most extravagant endeavors; just like the gentleman himself said:

“Like a reel on a never-ending loop, these “movies in my mind,” as I call them, are a swirling amalgamation of ideas inspired by my travels, film, fashion, art, history, novels or something as elemental as the scent of a dwindling fire.” – Ken Fulk

Either you are interested in interior design, refined menswear, novelties and even movies, this deluxe and sublime new book will possibly right up your alley; perhaps with the intriguing element and delicious photos inside this book, it will be even more enjoyable than watching a movie, anyway, enjoy your read!

Image courtesy of Assouline, photo credit: Douglas Friedman and Brendan Mainini


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