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Classic and audacious - Marc Guyot shoes, Paris

Dear readers, am glad to take a break over the Easter holiday, at least to recharge myself a bit on one hand, while on the other, to look for something stylish and nice to blog about. While most of us were taking Easter holiday (as well as pandemic break), some of the artisans are working hard to keep producing things – their exquisite creation I mean, and chief among them, is my respected Parisian artisan friend, Mr. Marc Guyot. As the matter of fact, I realized that Marc has been working non-stop over the pandemic period, while some decided to take a break and even shutting down their business, this remarkable artisan has been creating countless of beautiful shoes over the course, which I’d like to show them here today as an inspiration of your new summer wardrobe.

The Made-to-order shoes by Marc are truly impressive, firstly is the combination of tradition and masculine audacity - the leather color combination in particular, has become his signature in his exquisite leather shoes collection, with the bold and thoughtful choice of color with the conventional one, which makes it a genuine expression of the artisan’s aesthetic with both his passion and artistry; the 2-tone ‘Balmoral’ lace-up ankle boot in deep purple polished leather and soft light Lavender color suede for instance, it’s just refreshing and appealing with a crispy cotton khaki suit! (Of course it did draw my attention at the first place!) Having a nostalgic and Parisian classic feel yet it’s certainly timeless! Apart from the purple-duo combination, this ankle boot does come in other unexpected yet chic color combination from dark chocolate brown with cobalt blue leather, or deep navy with ketchup red leather, all shows the classic and rebellious chic of this French artisan’s vision, and challenge our shoe’s wardrobe to bring in something bold yet utterly classic.

Another one that is noteworthy for the season, is the ‘Balmoral’ Monk Oxford which reminiscent to the artisan’s sartorial work (yes Marc also do men’s tailoring too!), a classic side-buckle leather shoes in ivory white calf-leather and heavy houndstooth woollen fabric, entirely hand-made in closed channel Goodyear welted for this leather and fabric combination, the ‘Balmoral’ Monk Oxford is absolutely a great choice for a dapper ensemble, echoing the luxury of the refined sartorial fabric, and the silhouette of your well-tailored clothes.

So, to my dear readers, are you ready for this stylish audacity for the new season yet?

Image courtesy of Marc Guyot Paris.


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