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Como elegance - Stefano Cau bespoke necktie

Dear readers, how many of you still wear necktie these days? Call me nostalgic but I always like to see an exquisite necktie to complete a classic suit attire, especially for a fitted double-breasted suit which makes a very strong classical statement about sartorial elegance and prestige. I was recently drawn into an Italian private label, which specializes in exquisite handmade neckties and scarves by using traditional Italian printed fabrics and know-how, and that’s what I am going to share with you here today.

Stefano Cau is not just an Italian necktie label, but an artisan of necktie making that homage to the root of Italian handcrafting excellence, coming from a reputed textile family background from Como, Stefano has a clear vision about how he wants his creation when it comes to refined men's neckwear; deeply inspired from the 20s and 50s, the Deco and Liberty period, which also considered as the heydays of elegance and joie de vivre, Stefano extracts these elements with combination of his heritage, personal vision and sensibility with colors, patterns and texture of fabric, with a bit of vintage look, which makes the Stefano Cau bespoke necktie so precious and exquisite.

All 100% handmade in Italy by the finest artisan, with fabrics sourced and printed from the best manufacturers in Como (not only it’s a famous resort destination for the elite and famous, but also reputed with their textile printing work), each piece of Stefano Cau bespoke necktie speaks the quality and delicate details by the creation itself. One of the unique feature of these necktie is the 3-color ‘Punto Occhiello’ (known as ‘bartag’), using threads in the 3 colors of the Italy national flag to emphasize the crafting spirit of Italy, and genuinely made in Italy with heart and soul; the traditional 7-fold tie is widely present in Stefano Cau’s collection, showing the beauty of handwork without interlining, which enables the collector to experience the detail and how smartly it stays when wearing it.

Their most popular design, namely ‘Satin Block Stripes’, makes a polished fitted suit looks even smarter and chic in an Italian sartorial flair; on the other hand, the conventional twill silk in vintage medallion motifs, paisley and floral printed ones, which reminds me of the post-war elegance in the 50s, echoes the heyday of haute couture that people dressed impeccably, reserved yet tasteful.

Apart from bespoke neckties, Stefano Cau also create some beautiful scarves, which made with the finest silk, wool and other precious fabrics, printed by the most refined manufacturer and made in Como once again, all in luxurious vintage looking colors and patterns from Persian garden to Arabesque patchwork motif, each scarf is just exquisite as the house’s bespoke necktie that reflects the Italian artistry from Como.

So, after seeing all these beautiful pieces of neckties, do let me know which one is your pick for the season.

Image courtesy of Stefano Cau Bespoke


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