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Contemporary British chic – Memoize London perfume, London

Dear readers, for fine fragrance, most of us tended to turn to French and Italian perfume houses, given their deep heritage and know-how over perfume making, yet, British perfume has become much talked about and sought after in recent years, especially with numerous new British perfume brands that came into the fine fragrance scene, their quality is just as exceptional as some of the established perfume houses from their European counterparts, giving a new kind of olfactory freshness and vibrancy to all fragrance enthusiasts and connoisseurs; one of the great example is Memoize London, which their exquisite fragrance is one-of-the-kind that combines modern British sophistication, effortless wearability with a touch of bespoke.

Founded by Ms. Holly Hutchinson, who has devoted her career in developing niche fragrance products in a global perfume house for seven years, then she decided to make her own mark and founded Memoize London, to create her own unique and qualitative fragrance in her own approach and aesthetic, teaming up some of the experienced British perfumers, using the most reputable materials from around the world, to produce these sumptuous, one-of-the-kind UK-made fragrance. The minimalistic tall fragrance bottle with a simple gold plate as the brand decor, which speaks its understated chic and modernity, besides the classic black colored and transparent bottle with a wooden round cap for their ‘Dark’ and ‘Light’ range fragrance, their ‘Color’ range comes with an array of vibrant color bottles which offers a variety of olfactory beauty and sensations.

Entering the spring summer season, I find that both ‘Veritas’ and ‘Ego’ from the ‘Color’ range are very appealing. ‘Veritas’ has a day-time brightness and a mythical masculinity to me, the bright and energizing opening from Bergamot and Fig, adding the oceanic accord such as Sea Breeze and Cardamom, these formed a very uplifting and liberating feel for a sophisticated gentleman, then the interesting twist from the base note included Sandalwood, Musk and Moss, with a hint of floral accord such as Saffron and Cistus, it makes this fragrance dries down in an elegant and harmonious way, for some reason it makes me think of the clean white muslin fabric that drape around the ancient Greek God of sun and light – Apollo, the mythical brightness, energy and his masculine physique, contrasting with the lightness and cleanliness of the fabric, which translates into our current time’s smart, energetic and upright gentleman, in his sharp tailored clothing to exude his confidence and passionate spirit.

On contrary, ‘Ego’ has a sharp and fresh opening, then it becomes soft, enigmatic and a certain unspeakable poetic depth which makes it intriguing; this fragrance opens with a very pleasant Fig leave and Cassis, as well as the Coconut milk which creates a certain creaminess to it, then the green and floral notes such as Cardamom and Rose blossom starts to come up, and it dries down with the dark Amber, Patchouli and Kashmir wood to give us an enigmatic and poetic feel. To me, the creaminess and freshness of this fragrance makes me think of a sophisticated, soft spoken, shy sigma-male gentleman, who takes a very early morning walk in a spring forest to explore the new and the unknown, this fragrance whispers its elegance with much depth and wisdom, it is androgynous: adventurous and gentle, poetic and masculine in a modern and mysterious way.

If you are tempting to experience the contemporary British chic and vibrancy for the new season, perhaps starting with a splash of UK-made fragrance would be a great idea.

Image courtesy of Memoize London


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