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Enchanting melody – ‘Between the Clouds’ Charlie Siem

Festive mood is everywhere, not only one can see it, smell it, and you can hear it too! The big red and green holiday chunky sweater, the delicious and intoxicating mull wine filled with incredible smell of citrus and cinnamon, it’s also Christmas songs everywhere. To me, I was drowning myself with plenty (well, maybe a couple) of Hallmark Christmas movies to fulfill my inner Christmas fantasy! And one of the movie that intrigues me a lot, is the one called ‘Chateau Christmas’, starring Luke Macfarlane (as ‘Jackson’ in the movie) & Merritt Patterson (as ‘Margot’), there’s a scene about ‘Jackson’ plays the Cello in a Christmas concert, through the moving and passionate melody, to reignite the love with ‘Margot’, who is a classical pianist and got away to choose her dream over love. That scene did remind me of something, something about the magic of music in the festive season, especially, violin music! Coincidentally, it was the same time that I came across one of my beloved dapper violinist, Charlie Siem, has his latest album just released recently, titled ‘Between the Clouds’, with piano played by Itamar Golan, the sophisticated cover design in pastel peach background, contrasting the violinist himself in the impeccable and polished light blue double-breasted suit and tie, rather soothing and warm by just gazing at it, of course, we don’t judge the book by its cover, the work – the music itself – has to be as significant and sophisticated as the artist himself! After listened to the entire album over the weekend, I can use a ‘mood tune’ itinerary to express my feeling over this sensational new album, as below:


Track # 1 ‘Polonaise No. 1 in D Major, Op. 4’ – a beautiful and clear-blue-sky winter morning, waking up with an energizing mood and a splash of citrus fragrance, walking to the open-air terrace somewhere by Lake Como (perhaps), in a soft shoulder beige blazer, cream turtle neck sweater and brushed cotton trousers, a pair of dark brown classic leather suede boots and a fine wool scarf, ready for a simple and refreshing breakfast, the energetic melody of the violin and piano, which creates an uplifting and playful mood.


Track # 5 ‘Legende, Op 17’ – paying visit at one of the luxurious Italian Palazzo by the lake, discover the legendary history of an aristocratic and prestigious family, walking along the dimmed corridor, yet, with a heart of curiosity and nostalgia, gazing at the family oil paintings and objet d’art that collected over centuries, makes one amazed by the effort and dedication of how everything put together so beautifully yet approachable; thanks to the sharp and melancholic melody by the violin, it literally has a bit of Italian classic flair when listening to it.


Track # 8 ‘Introduction et Tarentelle, Op. 43’ – a perfect music for after-lunch relaxing moment, either resting in the drawing room or study room of an aged yet grandiose Italian residence, this track somehow makes me think of a young gentleman digging into some old books, getting some inspiring quotes from legendary writers of the past, and start writing Christmas cards to his beloved relatives and friends. It’s a playful music still having the kind of nostalgic nuance, which I can imagine a gentleman who is very dedicated and focus on writing cards while surrounded himself with ancient artistic objects – books, paintings, antiques, musical instruments such as harp or harpsichord, in the gilded interior back in baroque period.


Track # 12 ‘Polonaise Brillante No. 2 in A Major, Op. 21’ – a pleasant sunset time before formal dinner, attire in Bordeaux-red velvet blazer, polished white tuxedo shirt with black bowtie, dress trousers and a pair of monogrammed black velvet slippers. A cozy and harmonious ambient with some magical touch by the golden candle-lights and chandeliers, either a glass of whisky, or better yet, a festive glass of hot mulled wine at hand, this track is pretty euphoric and sumptuous, playful violin that reminds us the classical art and beauty, the music creates a very welcoming and stylish ambient that marks a delightful entrance for a glamorous yet homey formal dinner.

So, I have my mood tune itinerary here; to my dear readers, let’s see which track(s) you like the most for your festive season!


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