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Enigmatic splendor - “Collection Tour Eiffel” by Ludovic Baron, Paris

Dear readers, since we were in the topic about Paris - the city of light, high fashion and style, I have to say that how much I missed that lovely city, the scenic Hemingway Parisian city view, either being on the artistic and fashionable left bank of the Seine river, or strolling along on my favorite Pont Alexandre III looking afar to the city's icon - la Tour Eiffel, to experience the novelistic and romantic kind of Paris that most people are yearning for; despite the pandemic and challenges which forces me to put all the fancy travelling on a ‘pause’ mode at the moment, it’s pretty motivating by flipping the photos that I took during my past visits there, and they are still very vivid and it makes me happy. One thing that makes me even happier, is revisiting one of my favorite French art photographer, Ludovic Baron, about his recent photography work and his new venture into NFT.

Renowned for his theatrical grandeur and contemporary imaginative style, Ludovic’s photography work is one of the most fascinating in modern fashion photography that I’ve ever encountered and impressed with, a modern French chic and theatrical fantasy (it somehow makes me think of the cinematic style by Australian director, Baz Luhrmann, only in a form of photography), with a grandiose background and sometimes even mythical, which expresses his vision of combining ancient history and art, and reinterpret them in a modern, surreal and fashionable way, the elegance and allure that captured by this young talented French photographer has attracted numerous luxury brands to work with him for their commercial campaign, even for MMD here, I have also mentioned his beautiful work in the past; his latest series – “Collection Tour Eiffel”, has reignited my adoration over his photography work and style, and once again, impressed me in a refreshing way, the series consisted of 9 art photographs, using the poetic Parisian ‘film noir’ style to capture different scenes of the nostalgic Paris, and the encountering of two people and their romantic connection.

The enigmatic, ‘femme fatale’ and even ‘homme fatal’ style that exudes the unspeakable mystery and melancholy, adding the alluring and Parisian-chic elements with the splendid background of the iconic Eiffel tour, which makes this series of work so captivating and mesmerizing, I also enjoy watching the short film (as link from the bottom) which themed from this series also as an intro for Ludovic’s NFT art photo work, that literally reminds me so much about the poignant and beauty about the Parisian ‘film noir’ era, and keeps me coming back to crave more and rethink what I like about Paris at the first place (and yes, thanks to Doisneau’s work too!)

Meanwhile, another noteworthy piece by Ludovic, is his latest NFT art photo named "Âmes soeurs" (English as ‘Soulmates’), this splendor and stunning photography art was inspired by the masterpiece titled ‘The Romans of Decadence’ by Thomas Couture (1847) which currently exhibiting in Musée d'Orsay Paris, this is also a quest that the French photographer sets for himself, to challenge his own innovation and creativity to enter the world of technology, this NFT art photography has recently auctioned, with a stylish and sublime event which held in the Parisian landmark, the Eiffel tower, with a group of specially invited guests and performing artists to be part of the memorable evening, that included Nicky Doll (famous Drag Queen), Barbara Butch (DJ and model, muse of Jean Paul Gauthier), Théo Curin (French athlete and champion of handisport swimming, model & actor), Alexandre Wetter (nominated Actress at the the film ‘Césars’), Adam Nourou (best actor in the film ‘Elite’), Héloise Martin (Actress) and Arthur Legrand (Actor) etc.; behind the chic and artistic setting, there’s a message from Ludovic himself that he intended to tell, which I find it pretty moving:

"I chose models who are happy to be themselves, who exudes positive energy and who fight for their dreams. Today, by revealing my creation "Soulmates" at the Eiffel Tower, I send a message to the world: no matter how different you are, make it a strength. Be yourself, assert yourself and believe in yourself! Dream big and fight for your dreams because they deserve to be realized." – Ludovic Baron

It’s great to have a tasteful sense to appreciate beautiful things and creations, and it’s fun to enjoy and being in the crowd of some chic and fabulous events, but the one who makes an effort to initiate, to create, and work on their craft constantly and quietly behind the scene, that is something much remarkable and valuable; as an modern artist, the conviction, daring and determination of this young French photographer artist is truly inspiring, and his work did speak his artistry and authenticity gently without any loud and excessive words.

Image courtesy of Ludovic Baron Photography, Paris


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