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Exquisite art of Italian handmade shoe - Meccariello Shoes

Who doesn’t like to dress up for the festive season? Think about the stylish and fancy dinner plus the drink parties (well, maybe not this year with the pandemic), for style-conscious tribe like us, it’s just a perfect excuse to look for something dashing and impeccable! Just when I thought it’s about time to ‘defrost’ the charcoal grey flannel jacket and trousers, with the fine cotton stripe shirt and pearl grey cashmere sweater, there’s one thing that is missing to complete this puzzle, that’s right! A pair of handsomely polished leather shoes! It’s true that it’s been a long time that I haven’t write anything about men’s shoes, but coming across the beautiful ‘Argentum Ready To Wear’ shoes by Italian artisan shoe-maker, Mr. Antonio Meccariello, who founded his own shoe label – Meccariello Shoes, how can I resist the artisanal charm of such remarkable work by this great shoemaker and not sharing it with you all?

Inherited the talent from his grandfather, who was a bespoke shoemaker, Antonio’s parents have established a small factory for producing the uppers for shoes when he was a young man, which was renowned for designer brands in France in Italy. Having studied leather pattern and shoe making in the Ars Arpel school in Milan, and under apprenticeship with a reputed shoe maker, Antonio decided to establish his own workshop and making qualitative bespoke shoes for clients in Benevento region and Napoli, his work soon being recognized and regarded, subsequently being appreciated by two of the esteemed Napoli sartorial houses – Rubinacci and Kiton, to create ready to wear shoes for their luxury tailoring brands, after two years Antonio decided to sell his shares, and focus on his own brand and workshop for his prestigious clients, which brings us of what we see in Meccariello Shoes today.

Sleek and classic, luxurious and timelessly elegant, the shoes created under Antonio’s house is unspeakably enchanting, either the bespoke shoes or the ready to wear, both are truly appealing to classic menswear and shoes connoisseurs. The ‘Argentum Ready To Wear’ shoes collection for instance, it’s just so exquisite from the impeccable handwork: the invisible hand-welted technique in particular, which is one of the most traditional shoemaking method, by stitching the welt directly to the thicker insole without any glue on linen holdfast, this defines the term ‘handmade’ shoes, and a method which is more superior than the ‘Goodyear’ method. Of course, the precision of work and technique is certainly crucial, as the result, each pair of ‘Argentum Ready To Wear’ leather shoes are made by heart and soul. From the classic black ‘Decurion (1 & 2)’ to dressy deep burgundy ‘Optio’, or the flawlessly elegant ‘Principes’ in dark brown, to the much cleaner ‘Libritor’ which shows the beautiful patina, the ‘Argentum Ready To Wear’ shoes is just exquisite, a genuine expression of the beautiful legacy of Italian shoe-making.

Do share with us about which pair of ‘Argentum Ready To Wear’ shoes is your pick for the festive season!

Image courtesy of Meccariello Shoes, Italy


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