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Festive season in Bordeaux red – Marc Guyot shoes, Paris

Dear readers, Bordeaux red has been the color that I have obsessed with lately, perhaps we are getting closer to the festive holiday, or simply because of my new fragrance launch recently, which I just finished up all the work that are needed and back to my blogging desk now (and that explained everything why I have been away from writing in the past months); in the world of refined menswear, Bordeaux red works pretty well with dark color shades and heavy-weight clothing, such as charcoal flannel and even black, in my opinion, not only a touch of red-wine color can bring some festivity chic, but it also gives certain kind of vibrancy and activeness to your wardrobe and ensemble. My Parisian artisan shoemaker and bespoke tailor friend, Mr. Marc Guyot, has recently developed a series of beautifully crafted leather classic shoes, in a range of deep red colors that they have caught my eyes immensely, and today, I have gathered a couple of styles here to share with you all to see how you like them.

The first pair that I adored the most, is the ‘Garantstunnel’ lace-up leather shoes, made with the best quality of aniline calf leather, the patina in the exquisite ‘aubergine’ (‘eggplant’ in English) color that contrasted with the Bordeaux red, which makes this pair of shoes looks understatedly unique, detailed accessorizing such as the Bordeaux red shoelace in the ‘Swan Wing’ looping closure, which shows the artisan’s eye-on-detail, and his particular taste of making a pair of unique and timeless gentleman’s shoes.

For a more business or office style, the classic ‘Balmoral’ will possibly suits you the best, this polished ‘Oxblood’ color classic shoes adopted the style of the 30s (one of the core style of the artisan) but in a modern interpretation, a more slender design as the epitome of a contemporary Parisian gentlemen’s silhouette, with a classic shoe lace looping in Bordeaux red color, it goes perfectly with a slim, smart-looking business suit in Fall Winter fabric, either the chalk stripe flannel in dark grey, or a heavy worsted wool suit, even a cashmere blend overcoat, this pair definitely elevates the whole look!

For a more casual look? The iconic ‘Plastron Oxford’ offers a certain outdoorsy appeal, however without lacking the classic and sophisticated feel; this design is pretty much the ‘house style’ of the artisan’s, made with St. Moritz rubber sole, in deep Eggplant color with a contrast of dark chocolate brown of the shoe lace looping leather piece, which shows a bit of eccentricity and audacity that makes this design such unique and timeless.

Shoes from the ‘Tradition line’ made by Marc Guyot’s are in Goodyear construction, and bevelled waisted leather single sole.

If you are up for some Parisian classic for this festive season, a pair of Bordeaux red shoes might a good starter I suppose.

Image courtesy of Marc Guyot Paris


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