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Fragrance for a chic youthful summer - ByBozo Paris

Dear readers, when the summer heat wave hits my city lately, I can’t keep imagining myself being by the sea again, letting the summer breeze to cool my skin down while smelling the oceanic scent and the clean, luminous fragrant from the heat of the sun, the comforting scent that comes from the clean clothes after exposing under the sun for drying, and then I started to think about a great fragrance for this summer, which is refreshing, stylish and unique, something that I haven’t heard of nor try before, then I came across a relatively young yet chic fragrance brand that hailed from Paris, which their fragrance are pretty interesting that I would like to share with you all.

ByBozo Paris is a new fragrance brand, founded by a passionate young gentleman - Mr. Khalil Hamoudi in 2020, with his Syrian roots, the brand was named after Khalil’s grandfather, Fatah Bozo, to honour his family; like most of the artistic directors and Founders, Khalil is passionate about art and the world of fashion, in order to realize his dream to reality, he decided to express his vision and love of the beauty through fragrance, and these fragrances also served as a memory flashback of the beauty of the nature during Khalil’s childhood.

All ByBozo Paris fragrance are made in France, and their packaging is quite appealing, with its crispy white box and simple gold branding, the cylinder-shape, slender clear glass bottle with a luxurious gold metal cap which shows the modernity and French sophistication; of course, how the fragrance smells is crucial too, and I was instantly drawn by the fragrance named ‘Habibi’, the name actually sounded pretty exotic like somewhere in Middle-East to me, but in fact the scent is relatively fresh and light-hearted, I guess it’s because of the green grass note at the opening that pleases me before it comes down to the much velvety notes, the combination of Almonds and Cherries in particular, that dominates the middle notes, thankfully with the woody accords from both Sandalwood and Musk that gives it a more solid and masculine feel; this fragrance makes me think of a young gentleman who wears his light colored, preppy outfit, driving his vintage car along the sea coast heading to a private villa for a vacation, a fresh, joyous and modern preppy fragrance for a gentleman which has a more youthful spirit and aristocratic flair for day time.

On the other hand, the fragrance named ‘In Law’ has a much powerful and mature appeal to me, a spicy woody fragrance which smells neat, yet, it exudes a certain masculinity and authority from those who wear this, someone has a very incisive point of view, upright and smart. The fragrance opens with a pleasant Saffron, an alluring, mysterious and luxurious floral scent, and it instantly dries down to the masculine accords such as Oud and Vetiver, despite I am not a big fan of Vetiver, somehow it turned out quite pleasing in this particular fragrance, it’s like a new kind of modern classic fragrance for a young gentleman I think, which it makes me think of a younger James Bond who lives in our time now, perhaps in his early 30s, off-duty in his polished and tailored outfit, having his free time alone at the outdoor hotel lounge with a glass of whisky in his hand, just simply enjoying his summer evening (not necessarily meeting his ‘in law’) without thinking anything about his mission nor work.

A summer holiday may come and go, but a memorable fragrance will stay, at least it retrieves those wonderful moments whenever you wear it.

Image courtesy of ByBozo Paris.


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