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Frankfurter classic - Sinn Spezialuhren luxury timepiece, Frankfurt am Main

Dear readers, for those of you who are avid luxury timepiece collector and connoisseur, the annual watch expo ‘Watches & Wonders’ (formerly known as S.I.H.H.) will possibly be something you won’t be missed; while the next edition will only take place in April 2024, we don’t just keep waiting until next year to discover some remarkable luxury timepieces! Especially the new season has just started, we certainly need something new, from our menswear to accessories, including a piece of fine watch, that cope with the season! Coincidentally, I was intrigued by a couple of watches from a German watchmaker, Sinn Spezialuhren, which I came across lately, and I can’t keep thinking how great these watches are, and how tastefully it matches with one’s perfectly tailored bespoke suit and classic wardrobe for the new season.

Founded in Frankfurt am Main since 1961 by Mr. Helmut Sinn, who was an instructor for blind flight and former WWII pilot, the company was originally as a manufacturer of navigation clocks and pilot chronographs back then, as time change and business evolves, the company changed hands and it then became a fine watch brand as what they are known today, famous for their innovative design and functional sport watches (Mission timer EZM) which earned them numerous design awards in recent years. Today, we are taking a look with two of their classic timepieces: ‘1746 Classic’ and ‘1746 Heimat’, which offers a timeless classic appeal to those who strives to homage to the style of classic menswear, yet, enjoy diving into the heritage, precision and excellence of refined watch-making, in particular, German watch-making, from the financial city of this German capital.

As a symbol of style, the luxury timepiece ‘1746 Classic’ exudes its understated elegance and classicism with its sleek and timeless classic design, a smooth round case made of polished stainless steel, the movement is a self-winding mechanism with 25 bearing jewels, the dial is made with high quality vitreous enamel in white color, in contrast of the minimalistic black Roman index, date indicating window, as well as the black sword-like hour and minute hands. Finished with the sapphire crystal glass for both side of the watch, and accessorized with the luxurious embossed black cowhide leather straps, the ‘1746 Classic’ is undoubtedly an ideal timepiece for formal office wear, it gently interprets one’s sophistication, brilliance, and prestige through this delicate and classic watch alongside with his polished bespoke suit, his expertise in the field and his charisma.

Besides the luxury classic appeal, the luxury timepiece ‘1746 Heimat’ has a certain luxury interior design appeal to me for some reason. As the first Frankfurt (am Main) Financial District watch which the brand gives it as a testament to their strong roots in Frankfurt am Main and the special relationship with this location, ‘1746 Heimat’ serves as a homage to the city, and one can grasp the modernity and elegance at the same time by taking a closer look with the detail of this watch design, the dial is made of extremely fine rhodium-coated relief, with its unique diamond pattern which inspired by the traditional diamond pattern of Frankfurt’s popular cider glasses (also known as ‘Gerippte’); thanks to the dial’s surface finishes in both matt and polish effect, as well as the artistic detail such as the minimal Roman index and the silver-colored sword-like hour and minute hands, which makes this watch looks vibrant and three-dimensional.

In terms of movement, this watch is made of self-winding mechanism with 25 bearing jewels, it is waterproof and pressure-resistant up to 10 bar (1 bar corresponds roughly to the average atmospheric air pressure at sea level.) With the round case made of polished stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass on both side of the watch, available in either black embossed cowhide leather straps or grey seamless Alcantara ones, this luxury timepiece takes one from the professional day time wear to the elegant important dinner or soirée, it’s the perfect timepiece to go with one’s dark-colored velvet shawl-collar evening jacket, black tuxedo trousers, crispy white tuxedo shirt and black bowtie, or a classic smoking suit that one is having a lighthearted conversation with other well-dressed fellow man in a grand salon, which reflects one’s sophisticated taste and timeless elegance.

After having a glimpse of these two incredible watches, which one will be your pick for this new season?

Image courtesy of Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH, Frankfurt am Main


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