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Grand opening - Dobrik & Lawton new boutique, London

Who doesn’t like to hear good news? Especially something that brightens your day, giving one some happiness and something chic, of course we all love that! This happens to me recently when I received an email from my sartorial friend in London, Ms. Kimberley Lawton, the Co-Founder of Dobrik & Lawton, that she and her Co-Founder, Mr. Joshua Dobrik, has just opened their very first and new boutique on Savile Row! Of course I am truly thrilled and excited about this wonderful news, not only because their sartorial work is exquisite, modern with an edge which I have featured their work in here before, but what impressed me more, is their courage and effort to make their mark on this renowned British sartorial neighborhood, under this challenging economic and pandemic situation, in a way, their bravery just impressed me a lot (on top of their stylistic and artistic contribution to keep putting their work out there) and I’d like to share this exciting news to all of my style-conscious readers in here!

Needlessly introduced, the sartorial style of Dobrik & Lawton is literally one of the kind, with their iconic British classic sartorial meets old Hollywood tailoring, yet in a contemporary interpretation, using the finest fabric from Europe and England, adding the unique aesthetic and executed by both Kimberley and Joshua personally; The new boutique completely reflects these unique aesthetic and taste of these 2 talented Co-Founders and artisans, with the understated yet stylish window façade, it draws upon the same influences that inspire their work which included interwar decorative arts, the tailoring of Adrian Greenberg and sharp contemporary fashion. As soon as one enters their thoughtfully styled boutique, one can instantly feel the stylish allure and the sartorial charm with a bit of British classicism and eccentricity inside. There are a couple of noteworthy decorative elements, that included the pearls escaping from a cigarette holder spilling into an ashtray, black ink filled decanters, sinister dark spheres filling a sweet jar and mannequins headed by black diamond-shaped polygons, with the window display that juxtaposes between 1930's tailoring with a contemporary sharp edge, which completes the entire picture of how Dobrik & Lawton’s work looks like.

Can’t wait to visit the new boutique that inaugurated by Kimberley & Joshua? No rush at all! What you simply need is to have a little preview here, take a closer look with their latest sartorial work, then get in touch with them for a visit! Advance booking for tailoring consultation will be highly recommended.

Dobrik & Lawton boutique - 31 Savile Row, London W1S 3PT, UK

Image courtesy of Dobrik & Lawton, London

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