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Living in a Parisian dream - ‘Parisian by Design: Interiors by David Jimenez’ by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Dear readers, not sure if anyone of you out there is a fan of ‘Emily in Paris’, as much as I am intrigue with the new season, living life stylishly in this city of light is not only about fabulous fashion, French gourmet or a glamorous job in a luxury marketing agency, in fact, there’s something even deeper, from how one has an eagerness to discover, and learn the historic beauty and l’art de vivre of being a quintessential Parisian, but also using one’s aesthetic and taste, transforming these resourceful elements to create the life of their own, from the way one dresses, to how one decorate their interior at home, that’s right, bringing the Parisian style at your home! Recently I have an eye on the sumptuous interior design book titled ‘Parisian by Design: Interiors by David Jimenez’, published by Rizzoli, this beautiful coffee table book is literally a great inspiration for those who are obsessed with chic interior, style and the art of living as a stylish Parisian.

Written by Ms. Diane Dorrans Saeks, bestselling author of design and interior books, and, foreword by Mr. Andrew Lauren, this beautiful copy gathered the impeccable interior design work done by Mr. David Jimenez, an American-born Interior Designer who has lived and worked in Paris for years, having a career background in visual merchandising and store design in numerous high end brands, and passionate about quintessential Parisian style, the impeccable interior design work by David has been featured in countless upscale interior design magazines.

The harmonious combination of modern and the past, a witty balance of maximalism and classicism, and the tasteful eyes on collectibles, art, books, to luxury home textile and furnishings, which makes David’s interior work so appealing and intriguing. To me, his interior work has a certain whimsical, surreal feeling like that you are living in one of those splendid and luxurious Hôtel Particulier in Paris however it’s real and livable, not just open-for-exhibition kind of Parisian bygone splendor, but something much intimate, scholarly and artistic, at the same time, possessed the immense Parisian chic and style that makes one feels like living in an affluent and cultured way.

Besides the attractive and delicious photos in this book, the second part has dedicated to the ‘how-to’ section, which shares the interior designer’s tips about living in a chic Parisian way, from decorating in French style, setting an elegant table, as well as where to shop in the designer’s favorite flea markets, antique dealers, and art galleries in Paris and New York.

Afterall, living a chic Parisian life doesn’t necessarily be living in Paris physically, you can always bring the stylish and tasteful Parisian elements into your home, or at the very least, a beautiful copy of stylish interior book that keeps you inspired and live life in an artfully French way.

Photography by Xavier Béjot.

Image courtesy of Rizzoli USA.


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