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Luxury shimmers – Champagne Deutz

Dear readers, since we were in the topic of champagne, I’d like to keep this momentum going, the champagne momentum I mean. During the Champagne Festival last month, I was completely thrilled by its comeback! As a discerning champagne connoisseur, this event enables you to experience different kinds of outstanding champagne, in particular those are not mainstream but exceptional in terms of their quality, and, the heritage of the champagne house itself, chief among them, Champagne Deutz is one of it that impressed me a lot, actually, it is a champagne that I’ve been thinking of writing a blog about it too! Anyway, let me outline some history about this beautiful champagne house here before getting into my favorite pick.

Founded in 1838 in Aÿ by two Prussians, one of them is Mr. William Deutz, who worked as a wine merchant and the other responsible for champagne selling, both founders were very hands-on to their champagne production, from bottling to dosage and labeling before they have their own champagne and vines of their own. Over time the founder’s heirs started to acquire plots from the best terroirs in Champagne, renowned for their prestigious collection ‘Amour de Deutz’, the house produces exceptional vintage and non-vintage cuvée that expresses their style and heritage harmoniously, without screaming their brand but graciously interpret with sophisticated manner, quality and commitment to keep this legacy going.

To me, Champagne Duetz always has a certain majestic and fairytale-luxury flair, perhaps it’s due to their sophisticated bottle design and labeling that reflects these subtle characteristics, of course, the champagne itself did plays the key role that speaks the essence of the house, their work and style in particular. I dived right into their Brut Rosé as I’ve been craving for a long time!

A blend of premier cru and grand cru Pinot Noir grapes from the terroirs of Aÿ, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Avenay, Bouzy, Ambonnay, Verzenay and Tauxières with a touch of Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs - mainly Avize, Villeneuve-Renneville, Vertus, the intense pink palette in the goblet is literally appealing, along with the aroma after a swirl of my wine glass, the pleasant floral and red fruit bouquet starts to emerge: the juiciness of blackberries, pomegranates and redcurrants, at some point I did smell the Hibiscus but it’s alluring enough for me to take the first sip, it has an interesting complexity, medium-to-full bodied but not overwhelming, it’s dry with well balance acidity and it’s crispy in the mouth with a red fruit after-taste; my impression of this champagne is it will be ideal to match with dessert – in particular fruit desserts such as mixed fresh cut fruit pastries, strawberry and raspberry cakes and macaroon in rose or lychee flavor, of course, it pairs well with main course such as beef carpaccio or duck with red berry sources, roast lamb chops or fresh creamy cheese such as Chaource or Brillat Savarin.

On the other hand, the reputed ‘Amour de Deutz’, its 2011 vintage has an even delicate and complexed character, made with Chardonnay that came from multiple qualitative growing villages from Avize, Mesnil-sur-Oger and so forth, this champagne is much expressive in a sophisticated way with its rich flavor from stone fruit bouquet like apricot, peach and grapefruit, somehow it also has a bit of sweet pastry flavor; the clear golden palette is just as appealing as the fragrant, the taste is relatively silky and smooth, and the sensation from the bubblies is like sparkling star dust glittering inside your mouth. Just as majestic and luxurious as it looks, this ‘Amour de Deutz’ vintage 2011 is like a shining gem of champagne, ideal for drinking it alone as a connoisseur to experience its own beautiful complexity, or, pairing it with haute cuisine with fresh and precious ingredients such as lobster, white meat and caviar, or seafood dishes like Japanese sushi and sashimi with complexed taste and texture, could be quite enjoyable.

To my dear readers, have a prosperous and joyful year of 2023! and santé!

Image courtesy of CWS Fine Wines, Hong Kong; photo credit to Serge Chapuismin and Thomas Raffoux.


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