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Milanese elegance – Giorgio Armani FW2023 men’s collection

Dear readers, back in few months ago when I learnt about the closure of Giorgio Armani’s Central Chater House flagship store, I was stunned by the news as it has been the home of this Milanese luxury fashion brand for more than a decade here in my city! Also, it’s the venue where they host their seasonal trunk show with the presence of their Milanese stylists, to showcase the new collection, with their tasteful eyes and high fashion sense, to style the models with the new collection pieces, and, offering mix-and-match advice to their guests and elite customers. Just when I was wondering how unfortunate the stagnated economy do to all these luxury fashion brands, one day I was thrilled to know that their Fall Winter 2023 seasonal trunk show is still on, but only showing in an off-site venue - Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, a historic building which formerly as an explosive magazine for the British military; which enables their guests to experience the Milanese glamour and high fashion in a whole new way whilst appreciating local history about architecture and art.

The trunk show showcased both men’s and women’s collection altogether, but in here we are going to dedicate on the men’s collection instead. Inspired by Milan’s atriums found in noble palazzos, the spaces designed with discreet geometry in white and colored marble, these elements in turn translated into this Fall Winter’s collection that made with sumptuous materials from cashmere to alpaca and velvet, in array of sophisticated muted palette from heather grey to charcoal, brownish olive to navy. Given the dress-down era we are still in, the typical tailoring ensemble with classic tailoring, shirt and tie, it became a combination of separate fashion pieces, with soft, easy classic jacket that matches with luxurious sweater, and a pair of slim carrot-cut trousers with some of them have a tighten rib at the bottom, giving a bit of sporty details.

Evening pieces which echoes the women’s collection are also appeared throughout the show, which mainly themed in black velvet with shimmering details, either on the men’s jacket, or a very understated single stripe on the side of the men’s classic trousers that imitates the detail of a formal tuxedo pants.

For the casual wear pieces, light padded jackets with luxurious material sweater and sweatshirt are prevalent throughout the collection, matching with relaxed slim carrot-shape trousers in luxurious material, either in plain deep color, or in geometric pattern including herringbone. Overall, the casual ranges has a certain outdoorsy - ski and mountain-climbing - appeals to me, in particular with the chunky leather boots as well as the outdoor leather bags and weekenders. This Fall Winter collection covered the multi-faceted life of a contemporary stylish gentleman, from it’s professional and sophisticated indoor attire, to the adventurous side of winter-outdoor-activities inspired casualness, yet, staying true to its quintessential Milanese classic and masculine elegance, which it fully interpreted during the finale of the show.

Before its legendary flagship store settles down to a new location, it’s good enough to make my day by looking at this new Fall Winter collection shining on the runway, and re-see the great styling work by their Milanese stylists once again in our city.

cover photo source: Vogue Runway.


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