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Mosaic-inspired luxury - MARK / GIUSTI Milano

Dear readers, a well-crafted and luxurious handbag has become a statement piece in women's fashion, almost serving as an identity, reflecting professional success, prestige, wealth, and a unique sense of style in modern society. But what about for men? It's an intriguing question for which I may not have a definitive answer. However, it's certain that many style-conscious men choose well-made leather bags that suit their occasions and outfits, offering a smart and comfortable appearance while showcasing exceptional craftsmanship, thoughtful details, and contemporary design influenced by the designer's heritage.

When I discovered the luxury Italian leather goods brand MARK / GIUSTI, its distinctive designs and exquisite craftsmanship immediately captured my attention. Founded by Mr. Mark Farhat Giusti, the son of a diplomat with a lifelong passion for art and history, the brand was established in 2009. They take pride in preserving the heritage of mosaic art and its origins to create exceptional and luxurious bags that adhere to high standards in all aspects of their creation, from craftsmanship to design and sustainability.

In the realm of men's fashion, tote bags have gained popularity. The Suffolk leather tote bag by MARK / GIUSTI is a sophisticated and versatile accessory. With its classic colour combination of midnight navy and stone grey, along with its asymmetrical details and contemporary appeal, this tote bag effortlessly combines functionality and high-fashion chic, suitable for both work and travel. Luxurious details include the distinctive embossed pattern on the leather and the discreet front and side pockets hidden behind the iconic Slant detail, reflecting the brand's commitment to delicate work, thoughtfulness, and precision.

For busy and style-conscious business travellers, the Oxford leather business bag serves as an ideal companion. With its timeless yet modern appeal, this bag combines versatility and style. The exterior is made from the brand's signature 'Cosmati' Mosaic embossed leather, inspired by the geometric mosaic found in the High Altar of London's Westminster Abbey, and features a smooth and polished finish. Its neat and functional interior can accommodate a 13" or 15" laptop and includes large zip pockets for secure storage. The Oxford leather business bag is a statement piece for sophisticated businessmen who appreciate chic modernity and Italian craftsmanship.

Finally, the brand offers a bespoke service for those who seek customized and personalized leather goods, allowing you to create your unique version crafted by discreet artisans, featuring your preferred leather and pattern.

Which one is your pick? And what is your statement piece when it comes to leather bags? Do share with us in the comment below.

Image courtesy of MARK / GIUSTI Milano


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