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Noble sensuality - L'ADONÉ parfums, Zürich

Dear readers, one of the pinnacle event of the year for perfume connoisseurs and industry insiders, Esxence, is just over in Milan a while ago, although I couldn’t be able to attend this year, it’s still exhilarating to imagine having all the fragrance enthusiasts, as well as fine fragrance houses, all gathered in one spot after the pandemic, I just can’t keep wondering how exciting it is, to be able to discover the beauty of the olfactory art once again after all these times! Although I was not able to be there this year, I am still happy to be able to experience one of the fragrance brand and their perfume which has exhibited! L'ADONÉ parfums is one of the exhibitor in Esxence this year, a premium niche fragrance brand that hailed from Switzerland, founded by Ms. Leila Ayach. The name L'ADONÉ derived from Ladon, the serpent-like dragon in Greek Mythology placed in the Garden of Hesperides to protect the sought after golden apples.

L'ADONÉ parfums dedicates their olfactory art to create some exceptional and high quality perfumes, they only produced in relatively small quantities, the rarity and exclusivity that sets them apart the mass-marketed luxury and fashion brand’s perfume. Their fragrance not only expressed the understated luxury, harmony and elegance, they are very conscious about the ingredients that has been used in their perfume creation too! Subject to the strictest criteria: vegan, cruelty free, no harmful components nor animal testing, such high ethical values go hand-in-hand with the aesthetic and shapeless beauty of this perfume house. One can simply tell by their sleek, minimalistic and natural feel perfume bottle: the rectangular transparent glass bottle with a stopper made by a piece of white cube-shape wood, it somehow gives one an impression that it’s about time to embark on a tranquil and comfortable olfactory journey.

While the brand was founded in Switzerland, the perfume was produced in Grasse, France, a.k.a. the “perfume capital of the world”; L'ADONÉ parfums currently has one collection named ‘ELENYA’, and they are all extrait de parfum created by Zürich perfumer, Mr. Andreas Wilhelm. For the upcoming summer season, I have my eyes on both ‘ELENYA silver’ and ‘ELENYA purple’, these two remarkable fragrances are the latest release of this year!

I instantly draw to ‘ELENYA silver’ after the first spray of it, its gentle and euphoric light fruitiness is very pleasant and inviting, thanks to the Peach and Fig as well as the floral notes included Ylang Ylang, Violet and Tubereuse, with a hint of Pink Pepper as the prelude, the light fruitiness becomes deeper and gentler when the woody notes of Driftwood and Sandalwood starts to emerge, my favorite part is the dry-down in White Lotus and White Musk, which makes this sophisticated fragrance much serene and soothing, and it totally fits into the color description of this particular fragrance – “sophisticated which associated with prestige and prosperity, a symbol for lunar illumination and reflection.” I can see this fragrance to be wore by someone with an image and character who looks like the ‘Great Gatsby’ style in a day time garden party or tea gathering, either in a crispy white or cream color linen suit in his most dapper self, or a suave, reticent, young preppy gentleman who appears in the garden soiree during the summer time in the ‘Town & Country’ magazine.

On the other hand, ‘ELENYA purple’ has a certain bold and audacious character, yet it doesn’t lack of any sophistication nor classiness at all, the opening starts with a mix of floral and gourmand notes such as Jasmine, Rose, Rhubarb and Pink Pepper, and then the masculine character starts to emerge thanks to the leather accord, Cedar and Cashmere with a touch of Raspberry, the fragrance dries down with Patchouli, Vetiver, Honey and Rose. My impression about this fragrance is the unspeakable uniqueness and sensuality which I find it intriguing, the gentle masculine scent somehow makes me think of the leather of a new car, a modern and elegant classic car that a gentleman was driving in the glamorous Art Deco period, the leathery fragrant is not overpowering however it has a certain kind of lightness and fluidity, which expresses the masculinity mildly with the pleasant combination of floral and aromatic notes, like a dapper well-built gentleman just got out from that luxurious automobile that reflects his prestige and high society lifestyle, this fragrance did align to its color description that represents “passion, power, dignity and spirituality”, a combination of nobility, inspiration and mystique altogether.

Sometimes a wonderful fine fragrance does not only serve as part of your attire, it can also lift up your mood with a certain sensuality, elegance and style.

Image courtesy of L'ADONÉ Parfums Switzerland


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