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Quiet-luxury yachting - Sanlorenzo SX88 super yacht

Dear readers, I possibly believe that no one doesn’t familiar the term ‘quiet luxury’ now especially after the TV show ‘Succession’, in particular the timelessly understated elegance that looks classy and luxurious which has become one of the most talked about and inspiration in fashion and style, even in the world of menswear, but guess what, besides choosing your wardrobe to achieve the ‘quiet luxury’ look, one can also experience the ‘quiet luxury’ in a different way, let’s say for yachting for instance, especially when I was on-board on the spectacular Sanlorenzo SX88 luxury yacht during the Hong Kong International Boat Show early this month, which I can instantly resonate the style term ‘quiet luxury’ to this luxurious and modern yacht, that offers one the same kind of understated elegance and comfort when sailing on the borderless and calming sea.

Thanks to the luxurious interior designed by one of the esteemed Italian architect and designer, Mr. Piero Lissoni, this 27m (88 ft) super yacht offers a younger, and much modern way to experience the nautical chic and lifestyle, with the ‘loft-living’ and easy-access-to-the-sea aesthetic, which provides a serene and elegant setting with a hint of domestic flavour. Famous for his modern clean-line and spectacular interior design for some of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the world (also his renowned contemporary furniture design!), Piero brought in these high-end hospitality interior elements into this Sanlorenzo SX88 yacht that elevates both the comfort and style level just like being in a luxurious 5-star hotel suite. With the wide opened spaces and large glass windows on the main deck, this superstructure marked out by the widest glassed surfaces and is painted in dark shade to reduce the volume perception, balancing the ‘full’ of the superstructure and the ‘empty’ of the windows.

Another thing that impressed me a lot about the main deck is its spaciousness and functionality, which spread out flush on the same level without any uneven level, with its simplicity and luxurious design, which maximizes the usage of the interior to the highest; it can be opened from stern to bow, creating a true open space loft, a never-before-seen feature on a 27m yacht. I have to point out that how much I particularly like the design of the main staircase, the steps that looks like ‘suspended in the air’ with the floor-to-ceiling glass façade on one side, and the dim, soothing and minimalistic interior as the backdrop, which gives a certain dark allure however in a very stylish and welcoming way.

Going down to the lower deck which is where all cabins located, including both the grand owner’s suite and guest cabins, again they are all luxurious furnished with a comforting and modern atmosphere, thanks to the discerning and tasteful choice of soothing wall paneling, and the intelligently designed furniture that optimizes the use inside the cabin, the grand owner’s suite in particular, is a great evidence of combining modern chic and innovative design, which the bathroom can be opened up fully that enables natural sunlight enters into the suite to create a more spacious feel.

On the flybridge, which is where the steering position located, was protected by windshield, such innovative design idea actually maximizes the space of the main deck, while on the other hand, enables one to entertain a group of guests on the upper deck that enjoy a rather outdoorsy environment and sunlight, or even sunbathing, without any disturbance from the activities or gathering on the main deck.

In terms of the construction, this super yacht is the combination of technology and architectural intelligence, with its GRP hull and carbon fibre superstructure, Sanlorenzo SX88’s construction process is based on eco-friendly procedures, thanks to the combination of high power lithium batteries and new lighting technologies, energy management systems, efficient thermal insulation and window glass, it can use all systems on board for 4 to 8 hours at ‘zero emissions’, no wonder why it was the 2017 winner of ‘most avant-garde yacht’ in the World Yacht Trophies.

As a final bit of technical infos here, Sanlorenzo SX88 operates with 3 x IPS3 1050 Volvo D13B 800 HP engines, with cruising speed at 20kn and maximum speed at 23 kn and overnight guest capacity of 8.

Now you can experience ‘quiet luxury’ not just from your refined menswear clothing, but also a yachting life that offers the same kind of luxurious comfort and timeless sophisticated style.

Image courtesy of Sanlorenzo Asia / Simpson Marine Hong Kong.

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