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Refined Swiss bespoke shirtmaker - Revenga Chemisiers Genevois, Geneva

Dear readers, when we thought about where to get an exquisite bespoke shirt made, our instinct usually guides us to those cities where famous for their sartorial garment creation: such as Naples in Italy, Paris in France, or even London in the UK etc., interestingly, I recently came across a really rare hidden gems of men’s bespoke shirt maison, and ironically, it’s not located in those cities that I just mentioned earlier, but, in Geneva, Switzerland! It is understandable that Geneva might not be the city that is under the men’s sartorial radar, and which is why I am taking you all here today to see Geneva with fresh eyes, starting with the reputed and refined Swiss bespoke shirtmaker – Revenga Chemisiers Genevois.

As the last bespoke shirtmaker in Geneva, Revenga Chemisiers Genevois has been well-known for their refined workmanship of bespoke shirt making, with their combination of the Mediterranean flair and Swiss-made precision; currently managed by the Master Shirtmaker, Ms. Josefa Garcia Lozano, this humble family-owned atelier still attracts plenty of bespoke connoisseurs and elite clients locally in Geneva, with their classic and homey atelier boutique situated in the Tranchées district, in the heart of this Swiss city.

So what’s so special about this ‘Genevois’ bespoke shirt by Revenga Chemisiers? I guess it’s the subtle classicism and Swiss precision that appeals me at the first place, of course, adding their signature house style: a collar tip length rising above 8.5cm, with precise and compact stitching reaching more than 10 points per cm to ensure the solidity, as well as the organic cut that provides the mobility while naturally embracing the torso, these are just the highlight of what makes this Swiss bespoke shirtmaker so unique and timelessly classic.

All bespoke shirts by Revenga Chemisiers are made with the most qualitative shirting fabrics from reputed mills such as Alumo, Carlo Riva and Bonfanti Tessuti among others, each shirt is cutted and assembled in their Geneva atelier with perseverance and passion, to ensure their commitment of delivering the best of the Swiss Made shirting for bespoke connoisseurs and discerning individuals that are looking for something timelessly classic and qualitative.

Geneva might be well known for their watch-making establishments and even financial institutions, but after reading this blog, you might possibly add one more tab into your mind, which is, ‘bespoke menswear’.

Merry Christmas in advance!

Image courtesy of Revenga Chemisiers Genevois, Geneva


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