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Regency style timepieces – Lang & Heyne, Dresden

Flipping the photos that I took in Berlin years ago, I have to confess that there’s one thing I missed out, is to visit the nearby historic city – Dresden, a city that filled with former monarch influence, artistic and cultural splendor, and I really want to see how the reparation work after WWII as it’s one of the city that has been severely bombed during the war; to me, the historic preservation effort throughout decades of work is truly moving and admirable that one should see them in person today. Now speaking of Dresden, not only it’s the city of art and culture, it is also a cradle of nurturing different talented artisans around Dresden, to create something that is exquisite and beautiful, and one of it, is the luxury watch-maker – Lang & Heyne, with their establishment in Radeberg, near Dresden. Founded in 2001, renowned with their classic German watch-making craftsmanship, delicate detail and artistic inspiration from the former royal flair, their luxury timepiece collection has won the heart of unique watch collectors and connoisseurs. Today, I am showing you 2 of the timepieces which appeals to me a lot, and, for someone who strives to look even more dapper and elegant!

The classic ‘Friedrich III’ appeals me at the beginning with its clean, silvery rounded shape watch case and sleek white dial in Roman numeral indexes, the name was taken from Friedrich III, Margrave of Meissen and Landgrave of Thuringia, who took over the lands of Thuringia and Meissen from his father back in 1349, the design exudes his regency flair and classicism, discreet, rigorous yet elegant; a manual winding watch with power reserve up to 55 hours, luxurious watch movement including gold lever escapement with moustache counterpoise, gear train in solid gold with 19 rubies, matching with the polished case available from 18ct white gold, platinum as well as 18ct rose gold, and, the refined alligator leather strap with shark lining leather, this exquisite ‘Friedrich III’ timepiece simply matches with a well-tailored pinstripe navy 3-pieces suit and chocolate brown leather accessories and patina shoes, an interpretation of one’s classic and nostalgic style yet it’s very much up-to-day and smart.

Meanwhile, another classic model ‘Johann’ also possessed the similar character, yet, the story behind this model is relatively different that it named after the former King of Saxony, Johann, who is a highly educated and artistically gifted monarch, a prominent contributor of literature work and renewed numerous aristocratic rules and led Saxony’s economy to thrive back then. In this beautiful timepiece, one can feel that kind of royal elegance and literature flair as well, firstly the appealing rounded watch case in 18ct white gold and the luxurious black alligator leather strap, nostalgic Roman numeral indexes, specially design in cobalt blue, and the delicate hour and minute hand, expresses the refinement and classicism. A manual winding timepiece with up to 46 hours power reserve, luxurious watch movement once again with the gold lever escapement with moustache counterpoise, gear train in solid gold and 19 rubies, this exquisitely made ‘Johann’ timepiece is not only for a daily executive-wear watch but a piece of collector item as well! A piece of art that reminds one about the glory and splendor of the art and culture during the heyday of the kingdom of Saxony as well as King Johann.

Perhaps I missed out of visiting Dresden, but having a piece of this refined timepiece at hand, I guess it could serve as a little prelude of experiencing such a beauty and artistic flair before I literally be there.

Image courtesy of Lang & Heyne, Dresden


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