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Royal garden scent in summer - 'Highgrove Bouquet' by Penhaligon’s, London

Dear readers, when the weather gets hotter, a light-weighted linen (and sometimes cotton) jacket or suit is usually a perfect choice for your summer wardrobe, not only it’s much breathable and elegant, its light beige or sometimes ivory white color always reminds me of a noble English gentleman, having a delightful afternoon tea break by his garden from his grand mansion, with his family or close friends, perhaps you can get this scenario from the movie ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ when the Crawley family and their staff, spending their time in the villa at the coast of the French Riviera, surrounded by the lushness from the trees and flowers, the bright sunshine above the head, and of course, the beautiful scent that recalls the elegance and majestic summery atmosphere. When I recently came across the newly launched fragrance by the English perfume house, Penhaligon’s, their latest ‘Highgrove Bouquet’ did remind me of such kind of English sublimity and elegance.

As a new scent inspired by and created with HRH The Prince of Wales, in part, as a tribute to the magnificently fragrant summers at Highgrove Gardens, the garden of the private residence of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, where it filled with branches of Weeping Silver Lime, their lushness and crispy fragrance fills the air with its uplifting and floral notes, which one can experience it from this beautiful bottle of fragrance even without physically being there. The signature elegant bottle with a deep forest green bow decorated which exudes the classic English sophistication, in a summer greenery feel. As I sprayed it on my skin, the pungent and lushness of the Weeping Silver Lime is relatively pleasing and apparent, combined with the light and bright Mimosa, then dries down to the soft woody note from Cedar woods, and the luxurious powdery Orris scent, this fragrance interprets its olfactory beauty in such a crisp, fresh and uplifting way, with its style leaning towards the classic English literary or noble kind, which that makes it a great summer fragrance for a classic gentleman who shares the similar character as this divine fragrance.

Besides capturing the moment in the elegant Highgrove Gardens, this fragrance also created in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, with ten percent of the proceeds will be used to help funding the charity’s training and education programs, including those in heritage crafts, traditional arts, horticulture, fashion and textiles. Not only the fragrance smells beautiful, it has a meaningful purpose behind it too!

Besides the classic sea or oceanic notes, I think I finally got another favorite scent which reminds me of summer from now on, and that is – Weeping Silver Lime.

Image courtesy of Penhaligon’s Hong Kong


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