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Sartorial precision - new shirt collection by Lawton, London

Dear readers, Valentine’s day is just over, but I did receive a wonderful surprise right before that day, nothing romantic but definitely something about refined menswear; It was the launch of the inaugural shirt collection by British tailor Ms. Kimberley Lawton! The news came right in a couple of days before the Valentine’s day, and I was intrigue to see this new collection since this talented tailor founded her own tailoring house back in few years ago. For those of you who has been following my blog, I have previously talked about the bespoke tailoring of the Lawton, which known for her unique aesthetic that was inspired by the decadence of old Hollywood cinema, and the stylistic magnetism of seventies musician in her craft, so how’s this new shirt collection looks like?

Well, it consisted of six long sleeve style (for both men and women actually!) and it aims to accommodate all seasons and social excursions. The shirt collection has divided into two offerings with the approach to the collar, with the first comes in closed form: a long and pointed band which pushes the boundaries of traditional shirting through its dramatic 10.7cm length and 3.8cm stand, which echoes the flamboyant sartorial stance fastened by those cultural figures in the 1970s.

In terms of the shirt details, an opulent Mother of Pearl button placet, a single button square cuff and concealed button on the cuff gusset, which shows the understated elegance and sharpness that echoes to the impeccable bespoke tailoring of the house. When it comes to fabric, there are three variations available: white twill, rough noir poplin and noir poplin, they were sourced from luxury fabric house Thomas Mason, elegant and refined, this stark trio of color and texture literally defines the house of Lawton and her design aesthetic.

The second offering takes a more insouciant approach to construction through an open collar, the spreaded centrepiece measures 7.2cm in point and 3.5cm in stand, available in several summer fabrics included white twill, white linen and white seersucker; the luxurious details such as the Mother of Pearl button placket, fitted with a single button square cuff and detailed with a 3mm edge stitch for distinction, once again, showing the house’s dedication to little luxurious detail and refinement, this offering makes it as an ideal alternative during the transitional season (from spring to summer) while it enables one to experience the contemporary sartorial and artisanal excellence of the house of Lawton.

This luxury shirt collection is available starting late February 2024, and it can be ordered through a made-to-order service with duration about 8 – 10 weeks with the house’s discreet and conscious production, the house is also pleased to offer a made-to-measure service, which enables one to select from the house’s newly curated collection of over 2,000 shirtings.

It’s never too late to freshen up your closet with some crisp and luxurious fine shirts, with a certain contemporary British sartorial excellence and understated elegance, after all, it’s just the beginning of the new season.

Image courtesy of Lawton UK.


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