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Scent of understated luxury - Hervé Laurent perfume

Dear readers, Pitti Uomo is over just about a month ago, but our craving for new menswear and style for the new season doesn’t stop right here, spring has just begun, and routinely, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe to get dress to impress! Besides the chic menswear ensemble, a beautiful fine fragrance is always essential as the finishing touch, scented well to impress is also important, right? Recently I came across a luxury fragrance house, Hervé Laurent, hailed from the USA, they specializes in high quality extrait de parfum for their creation which I think it’s ideal for those of you who like to try something new for the new season.

Founded in 2018, the house of Hervé Laurent launched their first luxury fragrance in 2019, the nose behind the house is Master Perfumer, Mr. Javier Monet, who is driven by his passion about creating a divine fragrance, that reflects the value behind the brand - to embrace the prestige, opulence and style, honoring the luxury glory of the past and celebrating the future. One can simply pick up the effort and style by the detail from the fragrance bottle, an elegant bell-jar shape glass, and the classic square glass in glossy gold color cap, with a simple labeling that expresses their sophisticated style. Although it’s a new brand to the market, the fragrance collection by Hervé Laurent does not conform to mass-market style of fragrances, on contrary, they take pride in offering one-of-the-kind, and top-notch luxury experience to fragrance connoisseurs and discerning bon vivant. Their two noteworthy fragrances for men – ‘Carnation and Smoke’ from the Bohan Collection, and ‘Sir Laurent’ from their Signature Collection, both launched in 2021, serves as a beautiful entrance for those who are new to this fragrance house, letting one to experience their aesthetic and intense passion about luxury lifestyle.

Since the weather was still rather cool and gloomy, a few splashes of ‘Carnation and Smoke’ Extrait de parfum will probably ideal as a mood lifting fragrance. This woody fragrance opens with Mint, Cedar wood and a hint of fruity notes, then it quickly takes a turn into a more aromatic scent such as Clove leaf, Patchouli and Vetiver, then deepen into Musk, Sandalwood and Ambergris. The dry-down in Myrrh, Birch, Smoke, Dark Amber and Oud wood is apparent with a hint of Carnation; to me, this fragrance expresses an enigmatic and modern masculinity, it is charismatic, audacious and alluring, perhaps it’s the combination of the smoke, leather and myrrh that makes me think of the scent comes from the car seat of a new luxury automobile; while the dark, deep and aromatic scent from the woody accords exudes the understated confidence, that aligns to the enigmatic and adventurous character, which it makes me think of a successful handsome entrepreneur, who is wearing his smart and high-end motorsport attire: a luxurious fitted lambskin leather jacket, sleek solid black jeans with his polished black Chelsea boots, a polished hair do with an aviator sunglasses, that handsome square jaw and his clean beard shaving, he exudes his confidence and success in a very understated and gentle way, driving his beloved luxury boy-toy car (perhaps a Lamborghini) in fast speed, deep in the country side by the sunset.

On the other hand, the ‘Sir Laurent’ has a relatively different character; a fresh woody fragrance opens with a mix of floral and fruity notes such as Freesia, Bergamot, Plum and Green Berry, then it evolves into some floral and aromatic notes included Iris, Geranium, Patchouli, Vetiver, Clove Leaf and Rosewood, then dries down into a velvety masculine feel in some woody and leathery notes including Oakmoss, Smoke, Birch, Myrrh, Leather, Dark Amber, Musk and Vanilla. The youthful, dapper, scholarly and aristocratic flair that can be picked up from this fragrance with its soft, fresh and velvety scents, it’s lightness and crispiness with a hint of powderiness, to me, it has a certain nostalgic feel that echoes to the old-world, blue-blood charm and gentleman elegance, but it doesn’t feel dated at all, rather, it’s a fragrance of our time now. This fragrance makes me think a polished young aristocrat who just walked out from his luxurious and grandeous stately home in a weekend morning, wearing his impeccable bespoke light-weighted tailored jacket, a pair of light-color extra fine cotton trousers, and the Gatsby style Oxford brogues, carrying his walking stick with his beloved Shepherd dog. He is suave, chilled and sophisticated, a handsome aristocrat with some royal flair, it’s great for spring, especially with some luxury gathering, luncheon and pastime.

Afterall, stepping into the new season, it’s a new beginning, wardrobe needs to be refreshed, so as your fragrance.

Image courtesy of Hervé Laurent USA


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