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Soothing inspiration - ‘Creative Interior Solution’ by Vicente Wolf and Margaret Russell

Dear readers, with my last blog talking about a New York based interior designer, now I am really in the mood of interior design, perhaps this reason, or just a coincident, I was thrilled to come across a beautiful new book which recently published by Rizzoli New York, titled ‘Creative Interior Solution’ by a celebrated AD100 interior designer, Mr. Vicente Wolf, its serene, crisp elegant book cover which captured one of the snapshot of the designer’s work has instantly caught my eyes at the first place, and so, we are going to dive deep into the beauty of this sumptuous interior design book, and having you to explore more about Vicente’s interior work.

Forwarded by best-selling author and spiritual thought leader, Ms. Marianne Williamson, and, written by design journalist and stylist, Ms. Margaret Russell, as well as the interior designer himself, this new book showcased a broad range of residential interior design projects by Vicente, with a more ‘problem-solving’ approach to offer his insight throughout his career years, outlining design principles that are engaging, absorbing, and above all practical through coping with challenges inherent in life transitions, to overcoming space and budget limitations and so on. With the sumptuous and soothing pictures, this book serves a perfect visual guide for those who are looking for inspirations to decorate their living space, or as a light-hearted guidance to give one certain clarity about how to work on their interior decorating if one is about to start doing it.

The last book by Vicente titled ‘The Four Elements of Design: Interiors Inspired by Earth, Water, Air and Fire’ has already stolen my heart back in years ago, which it still remained as one of my favorite interior design book; this new title is just as impeccably chic and elegant that once again seduced me in a much gentle and harmonious way, just like his interior design work – “clean, but softer, and with an earthy warmth”, his aesthetic leans more on the minimalistic side but having a bit of contemporary French classic appeal, the color palette the designer used, which mostly in crispy white or soothing color tones, combining with his discerning eyes on selecting artful yet simplistic design furniture or decorative object, and a hint of historic touch with antique or European historic furniture pieces, sometimes just one or two pieces that blends in to the space in an unexpected way, adding the serene and fresh floral bouquet as a finishing touch, Vicente’s interior design embraces the modern harmony and the elegance of artistic minimalism, making an interior space not just livable but stylishly soothing and inspired.

If you are thinking of redecorating your home too, perhaps having a read of this beautiful copy first might just give you some creative solution in a gentle and inspiring way.

Image courtesy of Rizzoli New York, USA


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