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Soothing luxury – “Alyssa Kapito: Interiors” by Alyssa Kapito

Dear readers, back in a while ago when I briefly watched the Emmy Awards 2024, and saw the actress Sarah Snook won her lead actress in drama series, it suddenly reminds me of the ‘quiet luxury’ style which the character she played, as Shiv Roy, has been so well-known for throughout the TV show ‘Succession’, this timelessly sophisticated aesthetic which still linger in my mind until now! Honestly, ‘quiet luxury’ style doesn’t only apply to our wardrobe, but other aspect of our lives too! Interior design for instance, it is a perfect way to express your inner serenity and harmony, adding your tasteful sense of style, to create your own living space that echoes to the way that you dress and state-of-mind. Although the show has long over, if ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic is still something that you still embrace and adore, then you probably should take a look with the sumptuous new book, titled ‘Alyssa Kapito: Interiors’.

Published by Rizzoli, and written by esteemed interior designer, Ms. Alyssa Kapito, who has been a recipient of the prestigious “Elle Décor A-list” for few times, her stunning interior design work has been featured in some of the top-notch interior design magazine such as Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Traditional Home and so on. This new book is her first book since she founded her eponymous interior design firm in 2012, and it gathered some of the most iconic and magnificent projects that she’s done in the past, included the Upper East Side mansion to duplex in SoHo and Upper West side, each expresses the clean, functional and modern aesthetic through the designer’s own philosophy and taste.

Although the saying goes ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’, by looking at the book cover of “Alyssa Kapita: Interiors”, it literally coveys the same kind of aesthetic that echoes to Alyssa’s work with its neutral color cloth cover, and the sumptuous tipped-in image, which makes it a perfect piece of readable art in one’s living room. To the designer herself, she is passionate about a space that curated with objects, furniture and art with history, as well as inspired by the Renaissance period and the art by Leonardo da Vinci, which intrigues me a lot to take a closer look into the detail of her interior design work, and how her artistic magic plays to transform such ordinary space into something that is so comforting and harmonious, in her favorite color of ivory (so as my favorite color too!), mixing with the tastefully picked furniture and upholstering fabric, such as those curved boucle-fabric Pierre-Yovanovitch-like single-seated sofa and those 50s/60s inspired wooden furniture, the museum-like ancient decorative object and the use of soft palette, making the space looks unquestionably welcoming and timelessly chic, luxurious but certainly not out-of-reach that suitable for either a style-savvy bachelor, or a tasteful family with children.

By flipping through this sumptuous book, it’s certainly inspiring one to re-decorating their home for the new season, changing the gloomy season and mood outside into something much uplifting and soothing, also, it can possibly serve as an inspiration to your ensemble into the ‘quiet luxury’ chic as well that matches with the beautiful interior of Alyssa’s.

As the designer said: “Individual taste develops and grows over time,….” I believe this applies not only to our sense of fashion, but also different aspect of our lives too, including interior design and decorating.

Image courtesy of Rizzoli USA.


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