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Soothing opulence - Guillaume Alan Paris

Living in the world of chaos and conflicts, as well as the pandemic like now, it is pretty understandable that one would much like to have a space to getaway, to recharge and to reflect, to me, this idea has been pretty much as my daily motto, perhaps it’s due to my recent work about some European luxury home textiles and fabrics, but the concept behind those new collections that I worked with, they all have one thing in common – an artistic energy to recover from the pandemic trauma, giving one’s living space some peace, harmony, aliveness and style through beautifully made home fabric with soothing colors and texture; if I look at it at a larger picture, not simply putting my focus on a fabric but the entire furnished space, to meet those 4 requirements that mentioned is something simple to say but challenging to have it all, but when I came across the impeccable and stylish interior work by the esteemed French interior designer, Guillaume Alan, renowned for his serene opulence and calming aesthetic, it just makes one’s life more at-ease and chic everyday even in such a rough period like now.

Minimalism is one way to describe Guillaume’s work, but there is a hint of Romanesque, and, contemporary orientalism in the interior done by this charming and talented interior designer as well. Yes, a sleek and clean appeal thanks to the intelligent use of well-polished white marble and clean-line furniture, my first impression of the work by the designer was like entering into an understated yet splendid private mansion, which the owner is very discreet and understated about his life but having so much unspeakable taste in each part of the house that he lives in: the purity, the tranquility, the freedom, and the euphoria that enables one to sit still and contemplate in such a chic space, surrounded by all the little stylish, contemporary and romantic details from the brunch of white flowers in a white clay vase to the black bird-cage like over head lamp in the living room, or the imitated brick-wall in white, contrasting to the smooth plain snow-white bed linen in super fine Egyptian cotton in the bedroom, everything details are just flawlessly assembled to create such a soothing and stylish space.

If one can live in such a calming and beautiful space, who needs a staycation afterall while you already had one?

Image courtesy of Guillaume Alan Paris.


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